2 days.


Completed “Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals”

    Skills Gained

    • Identify the need of data integration,
    • Understand the capabilities Cloud Data Fusion provides as a data integration platform,
    • Identify use cases for possible implementation with Cloud
    • Data Fusion,
    • List the core components of Cloud Data Fusion,
    • Design and execute batch and real time data
    • processing pipelines,
    • Work with Wrangler to build data transformations
    • Use connectors to integrate data from various sources and formats,
    • Configure execution environment; Monitor and Troubleshoot pipeline execution,
    • Understand the relationship between metadata and data lineage

    Who Can Benefit?

    • Data Engineer
    • Data Analysts

    Outline for Data Integration with Cloud Data Fusion Training

    Course Outline


    • Course Introduction

    Introduction to data integration and Cloud Data Fusion

    • Data integration: what, why, challenges
    • Data integration tools used in industry
    • User personas
    • Introduction to Cloud Data Fusion
    • Data integration critical capabilities
    • Cloud Data Fusion UI components

    Building pipelines

    • Cloud Data Fusion architecture
    • Core concepts
    • Data pipelines and directed acyclic graphs (DAG)
    • Pipeline Lifecycle
    • Designing pipelines in Pipeline Studio

    Designing complex pipelines

    • Branching, Merging and Joining
    • Actions and Notifications
    • Error handling and Macros
    • Pipeline Configurations, Scheduling, Import and Export

    Pipeline execution environment

    • Schedules and triggers
    • Execution environment: Compute profile and provisioners
    • Monitoring pipelines

    Building Transformations and Preparing Data with Wrangler

    • Wrangler
    • Directives
    • User-defined directives

    Connectors and streaming pipelines

    • Understand the data integration architecture.
    • List various connectors.
    • Use the Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API.
    • Understand the reference architecture of streaming pipelines.
    • Build and execute a streaming pipeline.

    Metadata and data lineage

    • Metadata
    • Data lineage


    • Course Summary
    07/18/2024 - 07/19/2024
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    Eastern Standard Time
    Online Virtual Class
    USD $1,800.00