VMware vRealize Lifecycle Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.0] Training

This two-day course features hands-on training that focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vRealize® Suite Lifecycle Manager™, which includes products such as VMware vRealize® Operations™, VMware vRealize® Log Insight™, and VMware vRealize® Automation™. This course prepares you to administer a vRealize infrastructure for an organization.
Course Details


2 days


Basic understanding of vRealize Suite or products such as vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, or vRealize Log Insight.

Target Audience

  • System Administrators
  • System Engineers

Skills Gained

  • List the use cases for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Describe the architecture of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Deploy and configure vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Create, manage, and scale vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager environments
  • Add VMware vRealize® Suite products to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Manage vRealize Suite products with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
  • Use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to perform content lifecycle management
  • Troubleshoot day-to-day operations of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Lifecycle Manager
    • Describe the use cases for Lifecycle Manager
    • List the features of Lifecycle Manager
    • List system requirements for Lifecycle Manager
    • Use vRealize Easy Installer to deploy Lifecycle Manager
    • Verify that a Lifecycle Manager deployment is successful
  • Lifecycle Manager Configuration
    • Create SSL certificates for vRealize Suite product instances
    • Import custom SSL certificates
    • Add Lifecycle Manager infrastructure elements
    • Create a Lifecycle Manager private cloud environment
    • Add vRealize Suite product Installation media
  • Adding vRealize Suite Applications
    • Deploy a new vRealize Suite product
    • Manage a vRealize Suite product using Lifecycle Manager
    • Add an existing vRealize Suite product to an environment
  • Day 2 Operations
    • Perform On-going Management Tasks
    • Monitor environment health
    • Ensure product configuration compliance
    • Scale-out VMware Identity Manager™
    • Replace an existing certificate with a new one
    • Manage SDDC content
    • Perform source control
    • Describe content pipelines
    • Describe check-in and multi check-in feature
    • Use content from Marketplace
  • Lifecycle Manager Migration
    • List the migration options available for Lifecycle Manager
    • Migrate Lifecycle Manager using vRealize Easy Installer
  • Troubleshooting Lifecycle Manager
    • Access log files in Lifecycle Manager
    • Configure the vRealize Log Insight Agent
    • Use tools and log data to troubleshoot common problems
  • Product Alignment
    • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0
    • VMware vCenter Server® 6.7
    • vRealize Automation
    • vRealize Operations 8.0