• Basic understanding of AI concepts and applications
  • Familiarity with customer experience management or business communication is recommended but not mandatory

Skills Gained

  • Understand the role of prompt engineering in conversational AI and its applications in various business scenarios
  • Design and refine prompts to create AI-generated content tailored to specific business objectives
  • Optimize conversational experiences to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Address biases and ethical considerations in AI-generated business communication
  • Implement prompt engineering techniques to improve business outcomes and drive innovation

Who Can Benefit?

Business professionals, product managers, marketing specialists, customer service representatives, and individuals interested in leveraging conversational AI for their organizations

    Outline for Prompt Engineering for Business Professionals: Leveraging Conversational AI for Enhanced Customer Experiences Training

    Day 1

    Module 1: Introduction to Conversational AI and Prompt Engineering for Business

    • Overview of conversational AI and its business applications
    • Role of prompt engineering in driving business outcomes
    • Introduction to AI language models (e.g., GPT-4)

    Module 2: Designing Prompts for Business Scenarios

    • Principles of prompt design for business objectives
    • Techniques for writing custom prompts for marketing, sales, and customer service
    • Hands-on exercise: Creating prompts tailored to specific business scenarios

    Module 3: Refining and Testing Prompts for Business Applications

    • Iterative prompt refinement process for business contexts
    • Techniques for evaluating and optimizing prompt performance
    • Hands-on exercise: Refining and testing prompts for desired business outcomes

    Day 2

    Module 4: Addressing Biases and Ethical Considerations in Business Communication

    • Identifying and mitigating biases in AI-generated business content
    • Ethical considerations in AI-powered business communication
    • Hands-on exercise: Analyzing and improving prompt designs for fairness and ethics

    Module 5: Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques for Business Professionals

    • Incorporating context and external knowledge in prompt design for business applications
    • Personalization and customization of prompts for enhanced customer experiences
    • Hands-on exercise: Developing advanced prompts for complex business scenarios

    Module 6: Capstone Project

    • Participants will apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course to create a custom conversational AI solution for a business challenge or opportunity
    • Presentation and discussion of capstone projects

    Throughout the course, participants will engage in hands-on exercises, case studies, and group discussions to reinforce learning and encourage peer collaboration. The capstone project at the end of the course will allow participants to showcase their prompt engineering skills by developing a custom conversational AI solution for a real-world business challenge or opportunity.