Implement a Data Science and Machine Learning Solution for AI with Microsoft Fabric Training

Explore the data science process and learn how to train machine learning models to accomplish artificial intelligence in Microsoft Fabric.
Course Details


1 day


You should be familiar with basic data concepts and terminology.
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Get started with data science in Microsoft Fabric
    • Understand the data science process
    • Explore and process data with Microsoft Fabric
    • Train and score models with Microsoft Fabric
  • Explore data for data science with notebooks in Microsoft Fabric
    • Explore notebooks
    • Load data for exploration
    • Understand data distribution
    • Check for missing data in notebooks
    • Apply advanced data exploration techniques
    • Visualize charts in notebooks
  • Preprocess data with Data Wrangler in Microsoft Fabric
    • Understand Data Wrangler
    • Perform data exploration
    • Handle missing data
    • Transform data with operators
  • Train and track machine learning models with MLflow in Microsoft Fabric
    • Understand how to train machine learning models
    • Train and track models with MLflow and experiments
    • Manage models in Microsoft Fabric
  • Generate batch predictions using a deployed model in Microsoft Fabric
    • Customize the model's behavior for batch scoring
    • Prepare data before generating predictions
    • Generate and save predictions to a Delta table
  • Conclusion