Implement a Data Warehouse with Microsoft Fabric Training

Explore the data warehousing process and learn how to load, monitor, and query a warehouse in Microsoft Fabric.
Course Details


1 day


You should be familiar with basic data concepts and terminology.
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Get started with Data Warehouses in Microsoft Fabric
    • Understand data warehouse fundamentals
    • Understand data warehouses in Fabric
    • Query and transform data
    • Prepare data for analysis and reporting
    • Secure and monitor your data warehouse
    • Analyze data in a data warehouse3
  • Load Data into a Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse
    • Explore data load strategies
    • Use data pipelines to load a warehouse
    • Load data using T-SQL
    • Load and transform data with Dataflow Gen2
    • Load data into a warehouse in Microsoft Fabric3
  • Query a Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric
    • Use the SQL query editor
    • Explore the visual query editor
    • Use client tools to query a warehouse
    • Query a data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric3
  • Monitor a Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse
    • Monitor capacity metrics
    • Monitor current activity
    • Monitor queries
    • Monitor a data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric3
  • Conclusion