10 days.


  • Become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), or demonstrate equivalent experience
  • Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (AD183), or experience with Java EE development

Skills Gained

  • Introduction to containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift
  • Deploy and manage applications on an OpenShift cluster
  • Build and design containerized applications for OpenShift
  • Create microservice-based applications with Quarkus
  • Deploy microservices to an OpenShift cluster
  • Build resilient services with Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh
  • Secure an OpenShift service mesh

Who Can Benefit?

Developers interested in adopting container technology and developing microservices.

    Outline for Container Adoption Boot Camp for Developers Training

    Course Outline

    • Introduction to container technology
    • Create containerized services
    • Manage containers
    • Manage container images
    • Create custom container images
    • Deploy containerized applications
    • Deploy multi-container applications
    • Troubleshoot containerized applications
    • Deploy and manage applications on an OpenShift cluster
    • Design containerized applications for OpenShift
    • Publish enterprise container images
    • Build applications
    • Create applications from OpenShift templates
    • Manage application deployments
    • Implement continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines in OpenShift
    • Describe microservice architectures
    • Implement a microservice with Quarkus
    • Test microservices
    • Deploy microservice-based applications
    • Build microservice applications with Quarkus
    • Test microservices
    • Secure microservices
    • Monitor microservices
    • Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh
    • Observe a service mesh
    • Control service traffic
    • Release applications with OpenShift Service Mesh
    • Test service resilience with chaos testing
    • Build resilient services
    • Secure an OpenShift Service Mesh