Implement Security Through a Pipeline Using Azure DevOps Training

This class helps you prepare for the Implement security through a pipeline assessment using Azure DevOps. Learn how to configure and secure Azure Pipelines. You'll also get opportunities to practice hands-on skills. These skills include configuring secure access to pipeline resources, configuring, and validating permissions, configuring a project and repository structure, extending a pipeline, configuring pipelines to use variables and parameters securely, and managing identity for projects, pipelines, and agents.
Course Details


1 day


  • An Azure Subscription. You need to bring your own subscription.
  • Basic knowledge of Azure DevOps.
  • Basic knowledge of security concepts like identities and permissions.
  • Experience using the Azure portal to create resources like Azure Key Vault and set permissions.
Course Outline
  • Configure a project and repository structure to support secure pipelines
  • Configure secure access to pipeline resources
  • Manage identity for projects, pipelines, and agents
  • Configure and validate permissions
  • Extend a pipeline to use multiple templates
  • Configure secure access to Azure Repos from pipelines
  • Configure pipelines to securely use variables and parameters