2 days.


Students with a minimum one-year experience authoring visual analytics will benefit from this course. We recommend that attendees of this course have:

  • Completed Data Analytics Fundamentals

Skills Gained

  • Explain the benefits, use cases, and key features of Amazon QuickSight
  • Design, create, and customize QuickSight dashboards to visualize data and extract business insights from it
  • Select and configure appropriate visualization types to identify, explore, and drill down on business insights
  • Describe how to use one-click embed to incorporate analytics into applications
  • Connect, transform, and prepare data for dashboarding consumption
  • Perform advanced data calculations on QuickSight analyses
  • Describe the security mechanisms available for Amazon QuickSight
  • Apply fine-grained access control to a dataset
  • Implement machine learning on data sets for anomaly detection and forecasting
  • Explain the benefits and key features of QuickSight Q to enhance the dashboard user experience

Who Can Benefit?

Data and business analysts who build and manage business analytics dashboards

    Outline for Authoring Visual Analytics using Amazon QuickSight Training

    Day 1

    Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Amazon QuickSight

    • ntroducing Amazon QuickSight
    • Why use Amazon QuickSight for data visualization

    Module 2: Getting Started with Amazon QuickSight

    • Interacting with Amazon QuickSight
    • Loading data into Amazon QuickSight
    • Visualizing data in Amazon QuickSight
    • Demonstration: Walkthrough of Amazon QuickSight interface
    • Practice Lab: Create your first dashboard

    Module 3: Enhancing and Adding Interactivity to Your Dashboard

    • Enhancing your dashboard
    • Demonstration: Optimize the size, layout, and aesthetics of a dashboard
    • Enhancing visualizations with interactivity
    • Demonstration: Walkthrough of dashboard interactivity features
    • Practice Lab: Enhancing your dashboard

    Module 4: Preparing Datasets for Analysis

    • Working with datasets
    • Demonstration: Transform your datasets for analysis
    • Practice Lab: Preparing data for analysis

    Module 5: Performing Advanced Data Calculations

    • Transform data using advanced calculations
    • Practice Lab: Performing advanced data calculations

    Day 2

    Module 6: Overview of Amazon QuickSight Security and Access Control

    • Overview of Amazon QuickSight security and access control
    • Dataset access control in Amazon QuickSight
    • Lab: Implementing access control in Amazon QuickSight visualizations

    Module 7: Exploring machine learning capabilities

    • Introducing Machine Learning (ML) insights
    • Natural Language Query with QuickSight Q
    • Demonstration: Using QuickSight Q
    • Lab: Using machine learning for anomaly detection and forecasting

    End of day challenge labs

    • Join data sources together
    • Create a dashboard
    • Enhance the dashboard and add interactivity
    • Perform advanced data calculations
    • Integrate machine learning tools into the dashboard
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