1 days.


Before attending this course, participants should have completed the following:

  • AWS Security Fundamentals course
  • AWS Security Essentials course

Skills Gained

  • Establish a landing zone with AWS Control Tower
  • Configure AWS Organizations to create a multi-account environment
  • Implement identity management using AWS Single Sign-On
  • Federate access using AWS SSO
  • Enforce policies using prepackaged guardrails
  • Centralize logging using AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config
  • Enable cross-account security audits using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Define workflows for provisioning accounts using AWS Service Catalog and AWS Security Hub

Who Can Benefit?

Solutions architects, security DevOps, and security engineers

    Outline for AWS Security Governance at Scale Training

    Course Outline

    • Course Introduction
    • Module 1: Governance at Scale
    • Module 2: Governance Automation
    • Module 3: Preventive Controls
    • Lab 1: Deploy Resources for AWS Catalog
    • Module 4: Detective Controls
    • Lab 2: Compliance and Security Automation with AWS Config
    • Lab 3: Taking Action with AWS Systems Manager
    • Module 5: Resources