AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders Training

This course is for business leaders who seek an overall understanding of the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. Learn how a cloud strategy can help you meet business objectives.
Course Details


0.5 days


No prior IT experience or cloud experience is required.

Target Audience

  • Line of Business (LoB) Owners
  • IT Leaders
  • Executives

Skills Gained

  • Explain the role of information technology (IT) in an organization for business transformation
  • Explain the customer value proposition for using the cloud across industries
  • Define key characteristics of cloud computing
  • Explain the cloud business model
  • Identify key security practices of cloud computing
  • Frame the cloud business value using the Cloud Value Framework
Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Information Technology for Business Transformation
    • Role of IT in an organization for business transformation
    • Brief history of IT
    • Legacy approach to IT
    • What drives customers to move from traditional infrastructure to the cloud
  • Cloud Computing
    • Define cloud computing
    • Key characteristics of cloud technology
    • The cloud business model
    • Key security practices within the cloud
  • Business Value of the Cloud
    • The customer value proposition
    • Identify who is using cloud computing
    • Industry trends
    • Customer examples
  • The Cloud Value Framework
    • Introduction to the Cloud Value Framework
    • Cost Savings
    • Staff Productivity
    • Operational Resilience
    • Business Agility
  • Business Value Activity