Advanced ChatGPT Development Training

In this Advanced ChatGPT course, attendees learn sophisticated strategies for creating cutting-edge AI-driven applications. This course covers advanced topics such as fine-tuning ChatGPT, multi-model integration, handling complex dialogues, and advanced prompt engineering. Participants also learn to address challenges related to scalability, content safety, and ethical considerations in AI applications.

Through hands-on exercises, in-depth case studies, and expert-led discussions, participants push the boundaries of what's possible with LLMs (large language models) like ChatGPT and develop innovative, high-impact AI solutions.

Course Details


3 days


  • Strong understanding of AI and machine learning concepts
  • Proficiency in Python programming
  • Prior experience in building applications using large language models like ChatGPT
  • Familiarity with natural language processing (NLP) techniques and tools

Target Audience

  • Experienced Python developers,
  • AI/ML engineers
  • Professionals who have already worked with large language models like ChatGPT and seek to deepen their expertise in building advanced AI-driven applications

Skills Gained

  • Master advanced techniques for customizing and optimizing ChatGPT-driven applications
  • Implement sophisticated prompt engineering strategies for complex use cases
  • Leverage multi-model integration to enhance AI-driven applications
  • Address scalability and performance challenges in ChatGPT-driven applications
  • Develop a deep understanding of content safety, fairness, and ethical considerations in advanced AI-driven applications
Course Outline
  • Day 1
    • Module 1: Advanced Fine-Tuning Techniques for ChatGPT
      • In-depth exploration of fine-tuning strategies and best practices
      • Techniques for optimizing fine-tuned models for specific use cases
      • Hands-on exercise: Fine-tuning ChatGPT for a custom AI solution
    • Module 2: Handling Complex Dialogues and Context
      • Strategies for managing context and maintaining consistency in AI-driven conversations
      • Techniques for handling complex, multi-turn dialogues
      • Hands-on exercise: Implementing complex dialogue management in a ChatGPT-driven application
  • Day 2
    • Module 3: Advanced Prompt Engineering and AI-Generated Content Optimization
      • Techniques for designing and refining prompts for advanced use cases
      • Strategies for optimizing AI-generated content quality, creativity, and relevance
      • Hands-on exercise: Developing advanced prompts for a complex AI-driven application
    • Module 4: Multi-Model Integration for Enhanced AI-Driven Applications
      • Combining ChatGPT with other AI models and services to create multi-faceted applications
      • Strategies for integrating NLP, computer vision, and other AI technologies
      • Hands-on exercise: Integrating multiple AI models in a ChatGPT-driven application
  • Day 3
    • Module 5: Scalability and Performance Optimization for ChatGPT-Driven Applications
      • Techniques for addressing scalability and performance challenges
      • Strategies for optimizing API usage and handling rate limits
      • Hands-on exercise: Enhancing the performance of a ChatGPT-driven application
    • Module 6: Addressing Content Safety, Fairness, and Ethical Considerations (4 hours)
      • In-depth exploration of content safety and ethical guidelines for AI-driven applications
      • Techniques for identifying and mitigating biases in AI-generated content
      • Hands-on exercise: Evaluating and improving content safety and fairness in a ChatGPT-driven application
    • Module 7: Capstone
    • Presentation and discussion of capstone projects