4 days.


  • Possess basic Java EE developer skills
  • Have experience with integrated development environments like Red Hat® Developer Studio
  • Having a basic understanding of business rules and processes is recommended, but not required

Skills Gained

  • Author business rules with decision tables and DRL.
  • Navigate and manage projects with the Decision Manager and Process Automation user interfaces.
  • Develop business processes.
  • Design forms with Form Modeler.
  • Design and run a case management project.

Who Can Benefit?

This course is designed for developers who are interested in adapting to a more modern approach by developing process-driven applications.

    Outline for Red Hat Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager for Developers Training

    Course Outline

    • Introduction to Red Hat Decision Manager
    • Write decisions and rules
    • Introduction to Red Hat Process Automation Manager
    • Process modeling with Process Automation Manager
    • Case management with Process Automation Manager