Developing ASP.NET Core Web Applications Training

This course is a direct replacement of Legacy course 20486CC.

In this 5-day course, professional web developers will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET Core applications using .NET tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application
Course Details


5 days


  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET.
  • Understand programming in C# and concepts such as lambda expressions, asynchronous programming and LINQ.
  • Some web development experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of common data formats such as JSON and XML.

Target Audience

Professional web developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio in an individual-based or team-based, small-sized to large development environment.

Skills Gained

  • Understand the Microsoft Web Technology stack and choose which technology to employ while creating an application.
  • Design a web application that will meet a set of business and functional requirements.
  • Build a web site using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages.
  • Make use of middleware and dependency injection in ASP.NET Core MVC applications.
  • Use controllers in an MVC application to manage user interaction, models, and views.
  • Build web applications that use the ASP.NET Core routing to provide a logical navigation hierarchy.
  • Create views to display and edit data in an MVC application.
  • Construct MVC models that implement business logic within methods, properties and events.
  • Access a database from within an ASP.NET Core application by using Entity Framework Core.
  • Design and build a consistent look and feel across a web application.
  • Use JavaScript code to implement client-side logic to enhance the responsiveness of an ASP.NET web application.
  • Use a development toolchain to manage client-side packages.
  • Build unit tests and use debugging tools against a web application in Visual Studio.
  • Use authentication and authorization libraries to manage identity and allow users to access content securely.
  • Design secure web applications that are protected against common attacks.
  • Improve web application performance by implementing caching.
  • Enable two-way asynchronous communication between client and server using SignalR.
  • Add Web APIs to an application to support communication between applications.
Course Outline
  • Exploring ASP.NET Core
    • Introducing Microsoft Web Technologies
    • Getting Started with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core
    • Introducing ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Designing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications
    • Development Methodologies
    • Planning in the Project Design Phase
    • Choosing between Razor Pages and MVC
    • Designing Models, Controllers and Views
  • Using Razor Pages and Middleware
    • Using Razor Pages
    • Configuring Middleware
    • Configuring Services
  • Developing Controllers
    • Writing Controllers and Actions
    • Configuring Routes
    • Writing Action Filters
  • Developing Views
    • Creating Views with Razor Syntax
    • Using HTML Helpers and Tag Helpers
    • Reusing Code in Views
  • Developing Models
    • Creating MVC Models
    • Working with Forms
    • Validating User Input
  • Using Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core
    • Introduction to Entity Framework Core
    • Working with Entity Framework Core
    • Using Entity Framework Core Database Providers
  • Using Layouts, CSS and JavaScript in ASP.NET Core
    • Using Layouts
    • Using CSS
    • Using JavaScript
  • Client-Side Development
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Using Front-end Development Tools
    • Looking at ASP.NET Core Blazor
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
    • Testing ASP.NET Core Applications
    • Implementing an Exception Handling Strategy
    • Logging ASP.NET Core Applications
  • Managing Security
    • Authentication in ASP.NET Core
    • Authorization in ASP.NET Core
    • Defending from Common Attacks
  • Performance and Communication
    • Implementing a Caching Strategy
    • Managing State
    • Supporting Two-way Communication
  • Implementing Web APIs
    • Introducing Web APIs
    • Developing a Web API
    • Calling a Web API
Upcoming Course Dates
USD $3,095
Online Virtual Class
Date: May 13 - 17, 2024
Time: 9 AM - 5 PM ET
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