Microsoft Teams for End Users Training

Microsoft Teams is a full collaboration platform and offers facilities for peer to peer collaboration as well as full team collaboration. This course will give guidance on how to use the tools for chat, file sharing, meetings and calls. The course will also give direction on best practices for sharing files with external parties and show how to access other services available in the tenant directly from within Teams. There will be a series of labs to practice the methods taught during the course.
Course Details


1 day


Basic knowledge of Office 365 and OneDrive for Business is helpful.

Target Audience

Power Users who will need to support the user base, advise on functionality and when to use what tool for the right collaboration need.

Skills Gained

  • Understand how to collaborate peer to peer.
  • Work within the team, sharing conversations, files, meetings and useful links.
  • Utilise teams for setting up, attending and recording meetings.
  • Work with files within Teams and to move files to and from other services such as OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Have an understanding of the best practices to use when working with external parties and people within the tenant.
Course Outline
  • An introduction to Teams
    • What is Teams?
    • How to use Teams
    • Team components
    • When to use Teams
    • Creating a new Team
    • An introduction to Groups
  • Collaborating with Teams
    • Joining a Team
    • Team permissions
    • Guest permissions
    • Channels
    • Private channels
    • Private channel structure
    • Channel posts
    • @mentions
    • Channel announcements
    • Channel notifications
    • Manage a channel
    • Email a channel
    • Tabs
  • Chat within Teams
    • Changing your status
    • Peer to peer chat
    • Pop out chat
    • Organising chats
    • Video calls
    • During a call
    • Managing a call
  • Meetings in Teams
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Schedule a meeting from Outlook
    • Schedule a meeting from within Teams
    • Adding a meeting to a channel
    • Options during a meeting
    • Accepting external guests to a meeting
    • Who can present in a meeting?
    • Recording a meeting
    • Benefits of saving a meeting to a channel
  • Working with files
    • Files in Teams
    • Adding files to a channel
    • Creating new files
    • Uploading files
    • Chat about a file
    • Co-authoring
    • Moving or copy files
    • Sharing files
    • Share an individual file
    • Share a folder of files
    • Sync files
    • Check out files
    • SharePoint document library tab
    • OneDrive in Teams
  • Team settings and addins
    • Activity alerts
    • My activity
    • Feed
    • Setting your location
    • Manage notifications
    • Priority access for do not disturb
    • Immersive reader
    • Calls
    • Manage a Team
    • Members
    • Channels
    • Settings
    • Apps
    • Analytics
    • Bots
    • Archiving a Team
    • Restore an archived Team
    • Search