SharePoint 2019 Site Owner Training

This course gives you hands-on experience with SharePoint Site Owner tasks. You have the opportunity to practice building and managing team sites, creating and editing content, integrating Excel and Outlook, and managing permissions. First, your expert SharePoint instructor will demonstrate how to build different types of sites and how to create and configure site navigation. Then, your live trainer will provide guidance on managing page content. Next, you will learn best practices for using web parts, creating site columns, using content types, and integrating with Excel and Outlook. Finally, the class wraps up with SharePoint site permissions including hands-on practice creating SharePoint groups, assigning permissions, and adjusting permissions inheritance. By the end of this class, you will be ready to help users securely share documents, collaborate on content, and access the business information they need to work together more efficiently.
Course Details


2 days


Introductory level experience with SharePoint.

Target Audience

Site owners/managers new to working in a SharePoint 2019 environment.

Skills Gained

  • Learn to navigate a SharePoint 2019 Team Site. 
  • Learn to create and edit web page content. 
  • Learn to create site columns and content types. 
  • Learn to integrate Office applications with SharePoint 2019. Learn to manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2019 resources.
Course Outline
  • Working with Sites
    • Site Templates
    • Creating Sites
    • Creating a Team Site
    • Site Navigation Managing Site Navigation
  • Page Content
    • Wiki Library Pages
    • Editing the Team Site Home Page
    • Web Part Pages
    • Creating a Web Part Page
    • Working with Web Parts Adding Web Parts to Pages
  • Site Columns and Content Types
    • Site Column Gallery
    • Explore the Site Column Gallery
    • Creating Site Columns
    • Create a Custom Site Column
    • Add a Site Column to a List
    • Site Content Type Gallery
    • Explore the Site Content Types Gallery
    • Creating Content Types How to Create and Use Content Types
  • Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    • SharePoint Groups
    • Assigning Permissions
    • Permission Levels Permissions Inheritance
  • Participating in User Communities
    • Configure User Profiles and My Sites
    • Newsfeeds
    • People Newsfeeds
    • Documents Newsfeed
    • Sites Newsfeed
    • Tags Newsfeed Managing Personal Sites