Introduction to SharePoint for Office 365 Training Training

Use powerful, dynamic SharePoint sites to achieve your business goals! This class guides you through the most important tools and functions of SharePoint. First, you will get comfortable with the SharePoint layout and navigation. From there, we introduce you to SharePoint lists, which allow you to store and view important data. Then, you will learn to use SharePoint libraries to improve your teams file management and document versioning. Next, get hands-on with SharePoint sites. You will use built-in site templates to create project sites, team sites, community sites, and blog sites. This class is for end users working in a SharePoint environment. If you need to learn to manage a SharePoint site, consider taking our SharePoint Site Owner class after completing this Introductory training.
Course Details


1 day


No prior knowledge is presumed.

Target Audience

End users working in a SharePoint environment.

Skills Gained

  • Navigate a SharePoint Team Site.
  • Create SharePoint lists.
  • Customize SharePoint lists.
  • Create SharePoint libraries.
  • Manage library document versions.
  • Create SharePoint list and library views.
  • Integrate Office Outlook and Excel applications with SharePoint.
Course Outline
  • SharePoint 365 Setup
    • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 365 Introduction
    • SharePoint Online
    • Site Layout and Navigation
    • Navigation
  • SharePoint List Basics
    • Creating Apps Using List Templates
    • Creating Lists
    • List Columns
    • Column Validation
  • Library Basics
    • Library Templates
    • Creating Libraries
    • Managing Documents and Versioning
  • Working with Lists and Library Views
    • Default Views
    • Custom Views
  • Working with Sites
    • Site Templates
    • Creating Sites
    • Site Navigation