Javascript for Developers Training

Course 55244BC JavaScript for Developers in conjunction with 55319 HTML5 and CSS is the Community Courseware equivalent of retired MOC Course 20480CC - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.

This five-day instructor-led is an in depth hands-on study of JavaScript. The course includes detailed hands-on labs and Q and A labs. The labs include multiple projects that update an existing web site.
Course Details


5 days


  • Previous programming experience using C, C# or Java is useful but not required.
  • HTML and CSS web development is useful but not required.

Target Audience

Novice and experienced programmers

Skills Gained

  • Write and test JavaScript code in modern browsers.
  • Understand and work with the browsers Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Work DOM objects and write code to respond to events.
  • Add jQuery to their projects and use jQuery to manipulate the DOM and to make Ajax calls.
  • Understand Ajax and Web Services, including HTTP Verbs and asynchronous Ajax calls.
  • Work with XML and JSON data formats.
  • Understand and use RESTful Web Services including ODATA queries.
  • Work with Anonymous Functions, Self-Invoking Functions and Closures.
  • Understand the role of the Window and Navigator objects.
  • Describe and understand variables, variable hoisting, and JavaScript objects.
Course Outline
  • Basic Scripting
    • JavaScript Basics
    • JavaScript or ECMAScript?
    • Which Version of JavaScript am I Using?
    • Shims, Shivs, and Polyfills
    • Writing and Testing JavaScript
    • Editors and the F12 Tools
    • Key Parts of a Script
  • The Document Object Model
    • The DOM
    • Accessing Objects from the DOM
    • Responding to Events
    • Adding Elements to the DOM
  • Introduction to jQuery
    • jQuery
    • Downloading the jQuery Library
    • jQuery Versions
    • Linking to the Library
    • Selecting Elements using jQuery
    • Working with the Data Returned by jQuery
    • Setting CSS Properties
    • Running a Function Against the jQuery Return Set
  • Ajax and Web Services
    • Web Services
    • HTTP Verbs
    • Data Formats XML and JSON
    • Ajax
    • RESTful Web Services
    • OData
    • OData Queries
    • OData Updates
  • Diving in Deeper
    • Is JavaScript Compiled?
    • Data Types and Objects
    • Extending Data Types
    • Variables, Scopes and Hoisting
    • Functions
    • The this Keyword
    • Errors
    • Recursion