Recorded Date:
Duration: 1.5 hours
Presenter(s): Brian Dunn
  1. Welcome and why tech talent is taking over the workplace
  2. Five Key Interpersonal Skills for Successful Technologists
    1. Communication: We know what DC is but do they?
    2. Integration: Programming for “Scale” may not be the answer. Great system/application integrations take advantage of pre-existing monolith systems and hyper lean API’s.
    3. Flexibility: This is not about quick fixes, but rather manageable changes. DC engineers must be skilled in managing expectations and selling the better solution.
    4. Leadership: Efficiently developing direct reports is critical to your success. Good technical talent gets stolen by the competition and cannibalized by internal departments. Technical leaders need to focus on talent retention and efficient onboarding.
    5. Listening: An effective feedback loop is your best friend! Gone are the days where people in the business know what we’re doing. DC engineers are being asked to solve everyone’s problem with one “magic” solution. You can probably pull it off, but you will need an “active” and a “passive” listening system.
  3. What’s Next: Two things you can do right now to jumpstart your career.
  4. Wrap up and Close