The Intersection of Agile and DevOps + Continuous Integration and Jenkins + DevOps Fundamentals Seminar

September 18, 2015 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Toronto, Canada

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Continuous integration and Jenkins
Continuous Integration is a cornerstone of efficient agile development, helping teams find and resolve issues faster with less drama. With the right tools, Continuous Integration can help development managers more deeply understand the state of development throughout a sprint. This session will introduce Jenkins, a leading language-independent Continuous Integration platform, and illustrate Jenkins use along with Maven, a Java build and dependency manager.
Presenter: Brad Brown

DevOps Fundamentals
DevOps is an approach to delivering software solutions in a continuous manner based on lean and agile practices. In this presentation, we will review some of the technologies and practices used by DevOps teams.
Presenter: Greg Trasuk

The Intersection of Agile and DevOps
Ten years ago, the most successful companies were delivering code into production every couple of weeks. Today, the best are shipping code multiple times a day. Furthermore, there are many reports of companies shipping code many thousands of times over the last year, proving that they were able to maintain that level of production deployment over a sustained period of time. It’s in the continuous delivery space that we find Agile methods intersecting with DevOps. In this session, we’ll look at continuous delivery through the eyes of the Agile methods to see how they work together. We’ll explore the intent behind Agile as it applies to this area and will show how the two worlds complement each other.
Presenter: Mike Bowler