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TOGAF® Training in Toronto!  Here’s some insight to get you started!

We’ve heard Toronto described as “New York City run by the Swiss,” and it’s true—you can find world-class theater, shopping and restaurants here, but the sidewalks are clean and the people are friendly!

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada, with a population of 2,731,571 in 2016.  Toronto is the anchor of an urban agglomeration, known as the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. A global city, Toronto is a center of business, finance, arts, and culture, and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Expert talent, high-speed communications and industry-leading research and development have made Toronto a global hub for IT and new media development. Employing over 90,000 people, Toronto’s technology sector contributes more than $8B in annual employee wages.

Web Age TOGAF private and public classes are taught at locations throughout the Toronto area and other Ontario venues. Our classes are delivered in traditional classroom style format. Online TOGAF Training is also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

At Web Age, our TOGAF® 9 Training Courses are fully-accredited by The Open Group.

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What is TOGAF® ?  Should I attend Toronto TOGAF® training classes?

Like other IT management frameworks, TOGAF helps businesses align IT goals with overall business goals, while helping to organize cross-departmental IT efforts. TOGAF helps businesses define and organize requirements before a project starts, keeping the process moving quickly with few errors.

TOGAF® certified Enterprise Architects can experience elevated job prospects, career opportunities, and industry credibility, as a result of their enhanced certified knowledge. Our TOGAF® courses allow candidates to understand and initiate information system projects that are repetitive and fit for purpose. Also, TOGAF® training allows individuals to converse using a common terminology-based language – reducing conflict and elevating productivity.

The TOGAF® 9.2 Certification consists of two exams which must be passed in order to become certified.

The level one exam tests your basic knowledge of TOGAF® and is heavily focused on ensuring you understand the TOGAF® terminology and the basic purpose of the TOGAF® components.

The level two exam is much different from the level one exam. It has 8 multiple choice questions. Each question contains a scenario which is about a page in length followed by a question and the multiple choice answers.

Upon passing both exams, you will become TOGAF® certified.

Web Age TOGAF® training courses will provide you with the knowledge required to make a real difference to your enterprise and gain confidence to attain the all-important globally recognized TOGAF® certified status.

Web Age’s training courses are designed not just to prepare students for the TOGAF® certification exams (which are administered by a third party), but also to give students the practical tools for performing architectural work. Web Age Solutions knows there is more to enterprise architecture than passing an exam. The TOGAF® courses are also designed to:

  • Train new architects being brought into a TOGAF® EA capability.
  • Support organizations adopting TOGAF® considering TOGAF® adoption, or looking to integrate TOGAF® into their current EA capability.
  • Enable organizations already using TOGAF® to evaluate their own practices against the standard.

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Here are some reviews from past students who completed our TOGAF and Architecture classes:

“I had a great training session, very informative and professional!”

“Very good course.”

“Good pace and comprehensive material”

“Great Course. Material is extensive.”


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