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First Look Clinic: Microsoft Azure – Registration Link (scroll to bottom)
This course will help you to become familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure including the web-based portals for deploying resources and managing Azure subscriptions. You’ll learn about Azure Resource Manager and how to use templates to manage resources. This course also introduces PowerShell as a key tool to manage and automate Azure resources.

Guaranteed to run Azure courses:

10979 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

June 18th and July 30th


20533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

July 23rd and September 10th


20532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

July 16th and August 27th


WA2699 Microservices Development in Windows

June 11th and July 9th


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Single Enrollment – 20% off

Double Enrollment – 30% off

Team Enrollment (3+) – 40% off