Web Age Solutions specializes in Transformational Training designed to reskill employees in the exact knowledge and skills your organization needs. Web Age has vast experience moving technology professionals from one skill set to another; converting non technical staff into technology professionals; and retooling employees from virtually any job role to other high-demand positions.

Web Age Solutions has Reskilled thousands of high-performance professionals in a wide variety of skills through our unique Transformational Training methods. We utilize a blended-training approach including traditional instructor-led training, simulated real world projects, distance learning, virtual classes and self study programs.

Web Age begins each Reskilling program with a current / future state competency Assessment. The Assessment results yield precise training outlines, which are prioritized to ensure highest priority GAPs are closed completely and in the appropriate order. Training is then customized to match the Client’s operating and business environment. Case studies are frequently used in the training curriculum to promote skill development and knowledge transfer. During the final weeks of training, the learn-use gap is minimized by closely timing the completion of the training programs with the transition to new job roles. A smooth transition is ensured by providing post-training coaching and mentoring to support Reskilled employees.