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Web Age has collaborated with many Fortune 500 clients to create proprietary and custom learning content. This can be delivered Instructor-Led by our instructors or the Client’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or delivered as on demand learning compatible with the client’s Learning Management System (LMS). Web Age Solutions is able to go well beyond merely introducing new concepts and basic skills and incorporate actual examples, best practices and company specific procedures within the materials.


Content Management and Maintenance

All content developed by Web Age will utilize best practices for curriculum design and will utilize industry standard formats and structures where possible.

Content will be provided in a format that can be easily changed and updated.  It is our policy that modules developed specifically for the Client remain the intellectual property of the client. eLearning content will be developed using industry leading tools such as Adobe Captivate or Client preferred tools and can be easily integrated with all leading SCORM- and AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems to deliver content virtually anywhere.

All content will be the property of Client and developed with this in mind. However should our Clients wish Web Age Solutions to undertake further maintenance and updates we will be happy to complete this.

Project Management

All projects are assigned a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience managing complex, mission-critical projects and resources.  Internally, Web Age will track resource utilization and deliverables using proven Project Management tools and techniques that we have successfully used on previous engagements.  All work will be developed and managed in brief, focused iterations, with constant communication internally within our project team.

Tools and Templates

Web Age is in the unique position of owning the courseware for two-thirds of the courses we offer today. The experience, documented processes and best practices that we have accumulated over the last 12 years of curriculum development will now be put to work for our Clients.  Web Age has grown and thrived as a result of our reputation for excellence in courseware, content and delivery. All of these best practices have been documented and distilled into the tools and templates that we use for each engagement. Below you will find the highlights of the tools and templates that Web Age has in our tool kit to leverage:

Curriculum Development

  • Courseware development templates  to enforces instructional design best practices that meet Fortune 100 standards
  • road tested e-learning development templates to ensuring maximum knowledge transfer
  • Course build tools which enable to put together multiple courses in a time efficient and effective manner by mixing and matching shared content
  • Process templates from managing 200+ course development

Content Design

  • Requirement gathering process templates
  • Instructional Design based course templates to map the content

Process for delineation of training resources and support structure

  • The structure provided by us is proven over numerous engagements that we have undertaken in the past years
  • The structure is proven in providing the service quality and response while being within budget

Delivery Systems Rollout

  • SCORM compliant e-learning content
  • Efficient support structure to ensure quick response to any challenges



The Web Age Difference – Providing Enhanced Value for all Clients

Web Age is unique in our ability to learn a client’s specialty stack/products and integrate this with existing training frameworks to create knowledge transfer events which both enforce best practices and provide effective learning in a time sensitive and efficient manner thus achieving the most from your development staff and your budget. Please see our detailed case studies (hyperlink) which highlight our unique capabilities including:

  • Web Age’s ability to provide a structured approach to a strategic knowledge transfer/training engagement
  • Proven Experience as Trusted Advisors
  • Consultative Approach
  • Clear requirements gathering process and methodology
  • Web Age’s expert engagement/project managers
  • Ability to provide Client specific customizable training programs globally.
  • Expertise in a variety of mediums (eLearning, classroom/lab, virtual, etc) and approaches (Mentoring, Train the Trainer).
  • Responsiveness to client needs, flexible on change requests and scheduling.
  • Ability to provide content in formats that can be easily changed and updated.
  • Ability to develop modules specifically for the Client which remain the intellectual property of the client.
  • Expertise of the Web Age Team – Our team consists of highly skilled senior architects, developers and trainers with industry recognized certifications and real world experience.



Web Age develops content for both Live  and On Demand  Delivery.
Web Age uses industry leading tools such as Adobe Captivate or the client’s preferred tool for the development of eLearning content. Our experience with Captivate and other tools has allowed us to go far beyond screen capture to create rich eLearning content enabling our developers to add software demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes to the materials.  ELearning will also integrate with most clients LMSs and is SCORM- and AICC-compliant. We also ensure that content has an intuitive user interface, collaboration workflows, and a multitude of timesaving features which also make content easy to maintain. Please see our case studies below for examples of engagements.

Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3

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