• 650 Mhz Pentium III
  • 384 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB recommended
  • 8 GB harddrive
  • Network connection (Ethernet or token ring card)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Connection to the Internet


  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader V6.0
  • Netscape 4.7 or IE 6.0
  • WinZip 8.0 or higher
  • IBM DB2 UDB V8.1 Personal Developer Edition*
  • J2SDK V 1.4.2 or higher*
  • JBoss-3.2.3.Zip Application Server with tomcat bundle*
  • Eclipse-SDK-3.0*
  • JBoss-IDE-1.3.0*
  • WPT-*

* – indicates software provided by Web Age Solutions.


Note: The drive with the installation files will be referred to as drive X:, please substitute this drive letter with the appropriate CD or network drive letter.

Receive the supporting zip file by email from Web Age Solutions.

Receive the following CD(s) from Web Age Solutions:

  • DB2 V8.1 PDE
  • j2sdk-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exe

Install and setup the software in the following order (click the software title for installation instructions) :

  1. Unzip the Supporting zip file and from it copy the Struts Support and WA1088Labs folders to the C drive of each student’s machine.
  2. To install J2SE, follow the installation and setup instructions as mentioned at the link
  3. Extract the contents of the jboss-3.2.3. zip file to the local hard drive to its default directory. The contents will be extracted to c: jboss-3.2.3.
  4. Click the link IBM DB2 V8.1 Personal Developer Edition for installation.
  5. Make sure you do the lab as the wasadmin user which is created during the DB2 Setup
  6. Extract the contents of the file to the local hard drive to its default directory. The content will be extracted to c:eclipse.
  7. Extract to c:jboss.ide
  8. To install JBoss-IDE 1.3.30, continue reading... Install JBoss-IDE 1.3.30
  9. Download Web Performance Tools from both username and password as access2. Install the software.