Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 200 MHz Pentium CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2GB hard disk space
  • Video 1024×768 resolution, 256 color, 70Hz refresh
  • Monitor 17″ 1024 x 768 resolution at 70MHz
  • Ethernet network card

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Instructor machine
    • Sun Solaris 7 x86 or Red Hat Linux 7.2
    • Acrobat Reader for Sun Solaris
  • Student machine
    • Windows 95, or Sun Solaris 7 x86, or Red Hat Linux 7.2


Receive the supporting file by email from Web Age Solutions.

Setup the instructor machine in the following order (click the link for installation instructions):

1. Install Sun Solaris or Red Hat Linux
2. As a root, create the directory /wa1011, copy the supporting file WA1011-REL_*_* in there, uncompress and “untar” the supporting file:
# cd /wa1011
# uncompress inside WA1011-REL_*_*
#Untar waitufiles.tar inside the tar -xvf waitufiles.tar

Create one account, such as student1, student2 and etc., for each student and copy the lab files to their respective home directories /export/home/student1 – studentX.

Make sure you can telnet from student machine to instructor one.