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Expert insight and distilled best practices await you within each Web Age whitepaper. In response to client questions and problems encountered during mentoring engagements, we have documented lessons learned and expert guidance for your benefit.


  • Business Analysis and the need for Business Architecture – Analyze you business
  • Cloud Computing Risks – Get your head out of the clouds and pay attention to the realities of Cloud Computing
  • Hype-free SOA – SOA basics, without the bull
  • SOA ROI – Practical guidance for calculating a return on SOA
  • Business Analysis and SOA – Outlines a pragmatic approach to service oriented business analysis
  • SOA Training ROI – Advances tangible arguments for the importance and the true value associated with SOA education and training
  • SOA Maturity Models – Compares and contrasts various SOA maturity models
  • Thinking like an Architect – Abstraction, patterns, synthesis, and rule sets are important qualities of architecture and they are shared by other disciplines such as music, mathematics, and linguistics. In order to explore this relationship further, Web Age Solutions created a survey to determine if any of these pursuits (music, math, and language/linguistics) exist to a disproportionate degree within the architectural community. The survey results and corresponding analysis are captured by Kyle Gabhart, Director of Emerging Technologies, in this engaging white paper.

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887