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JSQL – A JDBC SQL Query Tool

JSQL is a simple command line SQL query tool. This tool comes extremely handy in debugging JDBC configuration problems.


Unzip the distribution anywhere. Open jsql.bat and change the INSTALLDIR and JDBCDRIVER variables properly. INSTALLDIR is the directory where JSQL files have been unzipped. JDBCDRIVER is the location of your JDBC driver class.

Optionally, add the JSQLl directory to your path. After you have configured the connection properties (see below), launch JSQL by entering the jsql command.

JSQL has been tested to work in Linux, AIX and Solaris. You will need to fashion a shell script to launch the code based on the jsql.bat file.

Connection Configuration

Open JSQL.properties and enter the driver class name, database URL, user ID and password.

Transaction Management

By default, every statement constitutes a transaction. This is true for all database vendors. You can begin a transaction by entering the “begin” command. You can end the transaction by entering the “commit” or “rollback” command.

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