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1K Classes

$1,000 Specials!

The $1000 classes are back!! & Guaranteed to Run!

View our live virtual courses that are being offered at a special rate of $1,000 per person, regardless of # of students!



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Microsoft Class Discounts

Team Training Discounts – Microsoft and All Web Age
Classes  for Canadians

Microsoft and All Web Age* courses = $1800/day (tax extra)

Include materials, labs, virtual platform and instructor.

*any course that has a WA code and any Microsoft course that doesn’t start with a 5xxxx. Offers applies to Canada Training only. Training has to be delivered before June 30th. 

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aws class discounts

AWS Class Discounts

At Least 40% Off Of All Courses

Promotion ends June 30th!

One day course – $650    $390
Two day course – $1295   $777
Three day course – $1995   $1,197

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azure administrator bundle

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Bundle

Getting certified as a Microsoft Azure Administrator has never been easier with our new 3-step certification process!


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New Course Offerings

New Course Releases


Check out the latest additions to the our Course Catalog!



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