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fall features

Fall Features!


“Refer a Friend” & Receive a Free Seat


 Many More Fall Features!

*applies to a ‘Guaranteed to run’ Web Age owned class, excludes IBM, Microsoft, CSM, AWS and TOGAF classes.  Free seat may be utilized September 7th through Dec.31st 2020.



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canada job grant

Fund Your Training with the Canada Job Grant


The Canada Job Grant provides federally sponsored funds to assist companies in training and development of their workforce.

Companies can receive up to $10,000 per employee in contribution to the employee’s training! *

*Terms and Conditions apply. Grant value may differ in some provinces and territories.


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Microsoft Class Discounts

Team Training Discounts – Microsoft and All Web Age
Classes  for Canadians


Microsoft and All Web Age* courses = $1800/day (tax extra)

Include materials, labs, virtual platform and instructor.

*any course that has a WA code and any Microsoft course that doesn’t start with a 5xxxx. Offers applies to Canada Training only. Training has to be delivered before Sept 30th. 


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New Course Offerings

New Course Releases



Check out the latest additions to the our Course Catalog!




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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887