When selecting Alliance Partners, Web Age looks for strong synergy between our education and mentoring offerings and the solution set offered by the potential partner.

Alliance Partners have a demonstrated track record of client success and commitment to customer satisfaction.



As an IBM Business Partner Web Age has worked with a wide range of clients using IBM products and have seen many of the IBM products evolve through several versions. This experience has let us develop various IBM training classes that focus on the real world problems and provide solutions people attending our IBM training courses will benefit from.

Through authorized IBM Training partnership, Web Age offers support for all your IBM Certification needs.

microsoft partner


Through authorized Microsoft Training partnership with Microsoft, Web Age offers support for all your Microsoft Certification needs.

Our Microsoft Training courses span a wide range of Microsoft products. .NET, SQL Server, SharePoint , MS Project, Azure, Office 365 and more.

Scrum Alliance RegisteredScrum Alliance Registered

When you enroll with Web Age, you receive more than just a training course. With Web Age Scrum Alliance certification courses your are guaranteed:

  • Instruction Provided by Scrum Alliance Approved Instructors
  • Courseware approved by Agile certifying organizations
  • Certification Exams
  • Scrum Alliance Registered Ally (REA)
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SOA Software

Partnering with SOA Software has produced a compelling and comprehensive governance solution.

SOA Software’s award-winning closed-loop governance tooling combines very naturally with Web Age’s world class education and mentoring around governance and successful SOA adoption.

The result is a wholistic approach to adopting, governing, and achieving success with SOA.

Trinity Technology Group

Our alliance with Trinity Technology Group offers a unique synergy between our proven education expertise and TTG’s seasoned public-sector consultants. Through this blend of education and consultation we have successfully delivered comprehensive SOA and EA solutions to several departments within California state government.



Partnering with SeedTS has produced a compelling and comprehensive SOA solution. SeedTS is a SOA specialized consulting firm bringing its clients education, software and methodologies to provide the complete SOA solution.

With Web Age’s world class education we are both working together to bring the best in education to their customers in Brazil.



Acunu tackles the complexity and efficiency challenges posed by Massive Data applications. By reengineering the storage stack from the ground ­up, we offer a powerful yet simple to use solution that allows growing storage demands to be met with fewer computers, less power, and lower cost. The Acunu Data Platform combines an open, fast and flexible storage engine based on patented algorithms along with a powerful management interface for scale­-out deployment and cluster management. The first deployment of the Data Platform is used to power Apache Cassandra and an Amazon S3 ­compatible store.



Through our Parasoft partnership, Web Age is able to support clients with effective testing and quality assurance solutions. Parasoft offers high-quality testing and quality assurance tools.

Web Age offers education and mentoring around effective test design and quality assurance strategies.

Web Age’s alliance with Parasoft allows customers to tap into our mutual expertise when solving tough challenges around testing and promoting quality IT solutions.