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An Introduction to Data Science for Managers

This data science training video gives managers a foundation for leading data-driven projects.
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    Proven Results in Data Science Courses in Ottawa

    For over 20 years, we have trained developers from hundreds of companies – including many Fortune 500 companies. We provide the best data science courses for your needs.

    We’re proudly distinguished by these clients, partners and awards.

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    data science training
    data science training
    data science training

    Here are some reviews from past students who completed our Data Science Courses in Ottawa:

    This was a great course. I loved the blend of Python Concepts Plus Just enough Data science to be productive
    Instructor was very thorough, yet practical. He was a great communicator and explained everything in layman’s terms.
    Great tutorials! I will go back to these
    This course is excellent. It gave me an overview of data science and a good understanding. It put me in the right direction of data analysis in my work.

    Should I Attend Data Science Courses in Ottawa, Canada?

    Thanks to high demand, careers in data science are considered some of the most lucrative positions in the world. In fact, Forbes and Glassdoor both rated data scientist as the best job in America in 2018. It comes as no surprise that the demand for data scientists has been surging in the job marketplace.

    Web Age Ottawa Data Science courses are taught at locations throughout the Ottawa area and other Ontario venues, delivered in traditional classroom style format. Online Ottawa Data Science Courses are also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

    Our Ottawa Data Science courses are extremely hands-on; only half of the content is lecture. Our data science courses include extensive, hands-on labs.

    At Web Age, we also offer Hackathon Style Project training. One of the key aspects of measuring success of a training program is the ability of attendees to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real world scenarios. Attending a ‘Hackathon Style Project’ after a training program is a proven approach to successful learning.

    Check out our Hackathon Style Project page for more information.

    Data Science Training in Ottawa!

    Attend Data Science training in Ottawa! In addition to the economic activities that come with being the national capital, Ottawa is an important technology center. The concentration of companies in this industry earned the city the nickname of “Silicon Valley North”.

    For three decades, Ottawa has been a global leader in telecommunications technology. Today, Canada’s capital is one of the hottest and most diverse tech hubs in North America.

    The tech and telecommunications sectors make working in Ottawa a great choice! Web Age works directly with many Ottawa IT employers to provide IT training such as Data Science.

    Web Age Ottawa Data Science training courses will provide you with the knowledge required to make a real difference to your enterprise.

    Applied Data Science Using Python

    In this webinar we will talk about how you can use Python in the realm of applied data science.

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    Using R As A Tool In Data Science Projects

    R has won itself a solid reputation in the data analysis realm. In this webinar we talk about some aspects of R and its libraries that make it an indispensable tool for data science projects.

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    Who should take Web Age Solutions’ Data Science courses in Canada?

    The data science role requires the perfect mixture of experience, data science knowledge, and using the correct tools and technologies. It is a good career choice for both new and experienced professionals. Aspiring professionals of any educational background with an analytical frame of mind are most suited to pursue a career as a Data Scientist including:

    • IT professionals
    • Analytics Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Banking and Finance professionals
    • Marketing Managers
    • Supply Chain Network Managers
    • Those new to the data analytics domain
    • Students in UG/ PG Analytics Programs

    Web Age Solutions has been offering a wide selection of state-of-the-art IT classes in Ottawa for almost 20 years.

    You can browse through all of our available courses, view class outlines, and check availability on our website.

    If you’d like to discuss personalized training options or have questions about Data Science Training in Ottawa
    please call our team at (877) 517-6540.

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