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Ottawa, best known as Canada’s national capital and the home of Parliament Hill, has been rated by MoneySense magazine as Canada’s best places to live for two consecutive years. Ottawa offers economic stability, low crime rates and has sometimes been called “Silicon Valley North” because of the number of high-tech companies located there including: Bell Canada, AT&T, Shopify, MicroTrends, BlackBerry QNX, and Martello Technologies. Invest Ottawa predicts nearly 10,000 new technology jobs in the city by 2019 and candidates with solid DevOps experience who can bridge the gap between product development and cloud computing — are in high demand.

Web Age DevOps classes are taught at locations throughout the Ottawa area and other Ontario venues, delivered in traditional classroom style format. Online DevOps Training is also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

But isn’t DevOps just another buzz word? Does it apply to all organizations? The answer, according to the 2017 State of DevOps Report, is a resounding yes! Effective DevOps practises results in high-performing teams who are more than twice as like to achieve or exceed objectives like operating efficiency, customer satisfaction and organizational goals. DevOps allows organizations of all types and sizes to deliver better software faster; attract and retain the best talent; and to future-proof their business. The percentage of people working on DevOps teams increases each year. Today, DevOps is viewed as the path to faster delivery of software, greater efficiency, and the ability to pull ahead of the competition.

DevOps training certification classes will teach you skills and tools to increase IT process efficiency and enable product innovation. Web Age works directly with many Ottawa employers who have more open positions than they can fill.

What is DevOps? Should I attend Ottawa DevOps classes?

Dev Ops is a set of processes and supporting tools that bridge the gap between software development teams “the builders” – and operation teams “the users”. DevOps practises like frequent deploys and the resulting customer feedback loop, brings developers into contact with the day-to-day operation of the software they’re building, and their customer. Common DevOps processes and tools such as version control, continuous integration, trunk-based development, and automation shrinks development time, saves costs, and eliminates conflicts between developed projects and operational integration.

A DevOps engineer has the skills of a business analyst with the technical chops to build the solution – plus they know the business well and can look at how any issue affects the entire business, not just that one project. DevOps skills employers are looking for include:

  • Familiar with a variety of open source technologies and tools
  • Ability to code and script
  • Experience with systems and IT operations
  • Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
  • Expert using with automation tools
  • Data management skills
  • Asks “Is this solution good for the overall business”?
  • A collaborator, comfortable with working with cross-functional groups

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DevOps training prepares you for a career as a DevOps engineer, a rapidly growing field that helps create better software at greater efficiency, giving organizations a competitive edge.

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