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Ottawa is Canada’s national capital, home to nearly one million people. Over one hundred thousand of Ottawans work for the federal government, but Ottawa isn’t just a government town. Many well-known technology companies call Ottawa home including the Canadian unicorn Shopify, earning the city the reputation of one of the most respected tech hubs in Canada.

The $247 billion cloud computing industry has been around for over a decade and continues to grow as corporations shift their perception of cloud computing from simply a cost-cutting measure to a “cloud-first” technology approach in all areas of their organization. With a high concentration of scientists, engineers and PhDs combined with a large pool of graduates from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa – the city is teeming with keen, highly qualified candidates. Ottawa-based SaaS accelerator L-SPARK, supports talent in the city and also hosts SAAS North, a conference that helps Canadian companies network and promotes Ottawa as the country’s capital of SAAS.

As the cloud computing continues to become an accepted approach to solving business problems and maximizing opportunities, skilled tech workers with cloud computing certification training will be in high demand. Web Age Cloud Computing classes are taught at locations throughout the Ottawa area and other Ontario venues, delivered in traditional classroom style format or synchronous instructor led format.

What is Cloud Computing? Should I attend Ottawa Cloud Computing classes?

The “cloud” is a metaphor for the Internet. Thus, Cloud Computing is simply the practise of using an Internet hosted server to store, manage, or process data rather than a local network server or personal computer. Cloud computing has been around for over 10 years and is quickly becoming the new normal since it allows for operational agility for all types of organizations.

There are many business benefits of moving data and application processing to the cloud:

  • Flexibility – scale up cloud capacity (or down) based on your bandwidth needs.
  • Lower Costs – simple pay-as-you-go plans cut the high cost of hardware.
  • Disaster Recovery – cloud-based backup and recovery solutions can be quickly implemented with less cost.
  • Work from anywhere – if you have an Internet connection, you can be at work.
  • Increased collaboration – when your team can access, edit, share documents from anywhere, you can do more together.

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