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Ottawa is Canada’s fourth largest city and the national capital. It offers the second highest quality of life of any city in North America, home to a laid-back population of about one million people. Ottawa is probably best known for Parliament Hill, Canada’s center for Federal Government, but it has also been ranked as Canada’s best places to live for two consecutive years in a row.

Back before the dot com bust, Ottawa nearly had the flashy status of Silicon Valley, best known for telecommunication giants. Although those days are gone, the pool of highly qualified technical professionals are not. Ottawa has the most educated population among Canadian cities with the highest concentration of scientists, engineers and PhDs in Canada. Add to that graduates from top schools like from Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and Algonquin College and it’s no wonder Ottawa is making a name for itself as the hottest and most diverse tech hubs in North America with expertise in SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles,  Next Generation Networks, 5G, Cyber Security, Digital Media, Biotechnology and more.

What do all these new technologies have in common? Data, specifically Big Data. To well-known Ottawan companies like BlackBerry QNX and Shopify, data & analytics is a key element of their business success and skilled tech works with Hadoop training are increasingly in demand.

Web Age Hadoop classes are taught at locations throughout the Ottawa area and other Ontario venues, delivered in traditional classroom style format. Online Hadoop Training is also available in a synchronous instructor led format.

What is Hadoop? Should I attend Ottawa Hadoop classes?

Hadoop is a set of open-source infrastructure software applications for processing very large data sets. With decreasing storage costs, it’s now more practical to retain data which would have been deleted only a few years ago. This development, along with new data processing techniques and tools such as Hadoop, allows organizations today to store/retrieve data across clusters of computers and process these enormous data sets to find insights and hidden relationship in structure and un-structured data.

As new AI and machine learning technologies are developed, we can expect explosive growth in the field of Big Data & Analytics. Web Age offers Ottawa companies Hadoop Classes to teach employees how to store and get value from their large sets of data, a vital in-house skill in today’s data-driven culture.

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Web Age Solution’s Hadoop Training covers both development and administration of Hadoop. Hadoop courses cover Hadoop Ecosystem Overview, MapReduce, Pig Scripting Platform, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop, Cloudera Impala and Apache HBase.

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