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Programming Newsletter – March 2018

Testing Angular Applications

• Just like any other development project, it is important to test Angular applications. This includes:
* Manual unit testing during development
*Automated unit testing. This will be the focus of this chapter.
*Manual quality assurance testing by professional testers
• Angular applications are modular so with the right tools and techniques it is possible to perform robust unit/integration testing
• You are encouraged to write unit test scripts and run them after major changes to the codebase.
• Unit tests should also be run after a build to verify the build.

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Angular Applications and Inter-Component Communication

WA2710 Comprehensive Angular 5 Programming
Web Age Solution’s Comprehensive Angular 5 training covers all major topics required to fully use this next generation of the Angular framework. Angular 5 makes the creation of single page applications even easier that before. In this course developers will learn to use Angular Directives and to create Angular Components and Services to develop applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. You will learn to use HTML Templates to define views and to connect views with code using output, two-way, event and property bindings. The course reviews the benefits and challenges of Single Page Applications and how to overcome those challenges using the Angular Router. The course also covers everything you need to know about Typescript – a programming language based on JavaScript that is used to create Angular 5 applications. In addition to the basics of using the Angular 5 framework, you will also learn advanced topics not covered in our 3 day Introduction to Angular 5 Programming class. This includes specifics about how to consume REST web services and WebSocket data from Angular 5 applications. Advanced use of the Angular Routing module and Angular Animations are covered. You will learn how to develop Angular 5 applications using AngularCLI. Details of how to test and debug Angular 5 applications are covered in addition to best practices for the style and organization of Angular 5 projects.

MicroServices Development

• Small, autonomous services which work well together.
• Being able to change individual components independently.
• Independent processes
• Communicate over APIs, rather than using databases directly
• High degree of autonomy
• Small, focused on doing one thing well
• A form of SOA. Typical SOA-based applications used to be monolithic.
• Microservices concept facilitates in adopting Agile Software Development.

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Developing Microservices

WA2684 Developing Microservices
This five-day DevOps training class is loaded with practical real-world information. From the foremost Service-Oriented-Architecture/DevOps/Agile development training company, comes a course to move the dial on your organizations’ journey with this workshop. You will leave this course loaded with knowledge on the usage of this stack for Microservices. This class combines instructor-led and hands-on lab exercises.

Service Discovery with Netflix Eureka

• Developed by Netflix
• Open source service discovery and load balance solution: Internally Netflix wraps Eureka with a proprietary load balance framework that provides more sophisticated load-balancing
• Designed to work in Amazon’s AWS cloud: May be deployed outside of AWS
• Supports cloud scale applications
• Used internally by microservice applications: Not designed for edge or client-facing service discovery or load balance
• Netflix’s internal load balance solution does more than round-robin requests. The Netflix solution takes service and network state (and more) into consideration in routing requests. Even though Amazon and Netflix compete in the streaming video space, Netflix is deployed on Amazon’s AWS cloud.

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WA2607 Comprehensive Spring Boot/Cloud
Rapid advancements in cloud-based software delivery and virtualization have caused many developers to question the wisdom of a “Big Server” approach to deploying web applications. Spring Boot is a technology stack that builds on the popular Spring Framework to allow Spring-based applications as stand-alone jar files that host their own web servers. This approach works nicely with deployment automation and rapid scaling. Cloud-based, highly-distributed applications face additional challenges in supporting a dynamic environment – especially around configuration, service discovery, service resilience and monitoring. Spring Cloud embraces and extends the popular suite of open source cloud tools published by Netflix (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon, etc). This course introduces Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and the Netflix OSS suite as a way of deploying highly resilient and scalable RESTful services and web applications.

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