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Cloud Newsletter – April 2018

Cloud Foundry Basics

• An infrastructure independent open Platform-as-a-Service initiated by VMware and now owned by Pivotal Software – a joint venture by EMC, VMware and General Electric.
• Designed to be polyglot in nature, providing a diverse choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services.
• Enables easy integration with middleware services and APIs.
• Is at the core of many public and private PaaS services and solutions, including Pivotal CF, Pivotal Web Services, and Stackato.

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WA2717 Cloud-Native Application Modernization with Cloud Foundry, Microservices, Agile, and DevOps
This three-day workshop is loaded with practical real-world information of how Cloud Foundry, Cloud-native, and Microservices apply to application modernization. You will leave this course loaded with knowledge on the available people, processes, culture, and tools moving or creating applications utilizing Cloud Foundry. This class demystifies the fundamental shift in on-premise monolithic waterfall application production to software engineering factories built to optimize velocity and quality. This application modernization course produces measurably higher performance in organizations of all sizes for solving business problems in a timely manner, while bringing both awareness, sense of urgency, and hands-on skills around Cloud Foundry, Microservices, Agile and DevOps for creating cloud-native modernized applications.

AWS Lambda tutorial

In this lab, you will work with the AWS Lambda service (http://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/welcome.html).
• You will create a Lambda function and attach it as a trigger script to a DynamoDB table to listen on for any inserts in the target table. Then, you will use the aws unified tool to insert a JSON-encoded document into the DynamoDB table.

• The lab will also illustrate how you can tweak service permissions expressed in IAM policies.

• This lab builds on the results of the Getting Started with AWS Command-line Interface and Getting Started with the EC2 Service labs.

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Cloud Security and Risk

The start of Cloud Computing in organizations usually begins with:
• Facilitated understanding and documentation of the present state of technology for infrastructure, applications, process, capabilities, and talent.
• Planning for the future of application development using Cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services.
• Creation of the plan of prioritized tasks (rocks) to move the organization (mountain) toward Cloud Computing and usage of Cloud services.

What is Cloud Computing?
• On-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet.
• Cloud providers, e.g. Private, GCP, AWS, Azure.
• Resources and applications hosted in geographically distributed data centers that are designed and built with high scalability and reliability.
• Using application and services with shared responsibility.

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Cloud Risks and Security

WA1723 Introduction to Cloud Computing
Upcoming virtual class: June 4
This course provides foundational knowledge in Cloud Computing components, foundational technologies, architecture, design, and business value. Attendees are provided with a broad survey of Cloud Computing concepts and given an opportunity to explore Cloud from multiple angles. Concepts are reinforced through analysis of real world case studies and group discussion.

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