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Architecture Newsletter – April 2019

AWS Solution Architecture Patterns

AWS Architecture Center
• The AWS Architecture Center portal [http://www2.webagesolutions.com/e/7422/architecture-/7hqsgt/831644638?h=CzJr47GiY7dz-OelfZkMcgqzudUlhbuAQYmJu8XpJfM] offers a catalog of application architecture blueprints for solutions deployed in the AWS cloud
• The catalog comes with Architecture Datasheets and best practices that you can use as guides to implementing your solutions
• Based on your application’s needs, you can select the most suitable reference architecture

List of Reference Architectures
• Some of the reference architecture blueprints offered by the architecture catalog are as follows:
• Fault tolerance and High Availability (HA)
• Web / Mobile-web Application Hosting
• Log Analysis
• Financial Services Grid Computing
• Time Series Processing

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Modern Architecture

WA2759 Architecting the Modern Enterprise
A modern architect has to navigate many a technologies. This course covers the current architectural challenges around Agile, Cloud, Integration Patterns, Microservices, Containers and REST.

Commonly used Microservices Patterns

Why Use Patterns?
• Design Patterns offer high-level description of proven solutions in various problem domains
• Learning patterns (and anti-patterns, for that matter), helps software designers avoid common pitfalls and become more productive
• At the very least, you can save yourself time not reinventing the wheel or inventing a square wheel
• In this module, we will list some of the commonly used patterns with microservices
• Selecting a pattern that best suits your needs may require some investigation / PoC projects
• Some patterns are discussed in detail in other modules, so here those are just briefly mentioned

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The Power of Patterns for Data Architecture

WA2755 Introduction to Microservices Architecture
This training course will help the attendees understand the value proposition and technical aspects of microservices. You will learn about the pros and cons of breaking up the monolithic type of applications prevalent in the enterprise space and converting them into microservices-based solutions. Details analysis of some of the common patterns and motivation for using them in microservices architecture is also provided.

Application Hardening with Netflix Hystrix

Netflix Hystrix
• Hystrix was designed by Netflix to run in the Amazon AWS Cloud
• Designed to :
• Handle latency across service
• Handle failures across services
• Stop cascading failures
• Provide fallbacks
• Improve system resiliency
• Hystrix is named after a kind of endangered porcupine

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Designing and Implementing Microservices

WA2607 Mastering Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
Rapid advancements in cloud-based software delivery and virtualization have caused many developers to question the wisdom of a “Big Server” approach to deploying web applications. Spring Boot is a technology stack that builds on the popular Spring Framework to allow Spring-based applications as stand-alone jar files that host their own web servers. This approach works nicely with deployment automation and rapid scaling. Cloud-based, highly-distributed applications face additional challenges in supporting a dynamic environment – especially around configuration, service discovery, service resilience and monitoring. Spring Cloud embraces and extends the popular suite of open source cloud tools published by Netflix (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon, etc). This course introduces Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and the Netflix OSS suite as a way of deploying highly resilient and scalable RESTful services and web applications.

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