Webinar: Writing Good User Stories- Agile Work Breakdown Structure

• Why do we need to breakdown work
• What is breakdown structure
• Agile work breakdown structure explained
• What is user story format and why is the format so important
• What are some of the pitfalls in user stories
• How is user story written and who writes it
• What are different types of user stories
• Benefits of good user stories

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WA2723 Agile Fundamentals for Technology-Enabled Business
Upcoming virtual class: May 21-22
This course discusses Agile from a vantage point as an iterative time-boxed approach to any business area, not just software engineering. This outline uses Scrum as the Agile Methodology and points out key usages and differences for XP and Kanban. This two-day entry-level course takes participants through the basics terms and concepts of Agile/Scrum. When completed, students will be able to effectively contribute to a Scrum Team or project…

Web Age Agile Training Roadmap

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Webinar: Agile and DevOps

Agile combined with DevOps enables application development and delivery teams to accelerate the pace of software engineering with quality. Together these technology patterns unify the organization and are the basis for efficient and effective application modernization. The common theme for both Agile and DevOps is Lean, which brings concepts like focusing on value, eliminating waste, and the principles of digital data supply chain to realize agility and velocity in delivery of products and services. This webinar reviews the adoption of Agile and DevOps, lessons learned, and benefits to your workstream, project, or organization.

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WA2593 DevOps for Managers & Leaders
Upcoming virtual class: May 7-8
This Training course for a DevOps Manager and leader continue to be in high demand. The topics covered in the course are:

• DevOps journey
• Cultural alignment
• Continuous Integration & Delivery
• Continuous Integration Tools
• Monitoring
• Measurement
• Automation Scripting
• Agile
• Building Tools
• Configuration Management
• Continuous Code Quality
• DevOps DBA
• Servers
• Cloud Computing & Virtualization
• Best Practices