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Why train in DevOps in New York?

New York isn’t just the biggest city in the US, a recent report also ranked New York as the leading city in the world for technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The study, completed by Nesta, Accenture, and Future Cities Catapult, attributed New York’s thriving tech industry to a combination of state of the art facilities and a supportive environment. The city itself has played a large role in helping tech businesses and startups thrive by developing a series of initiatives to help the city attract and support tech organizations. In fact, with the support of New York leadership the tech industry as added over 300,000 new jobs in recent years.

New York values the contribution the tech industry makes to the area and has developed programs designed to both find new talent and connect tech innovation with New York’s residents. One of these opportunities is the Challenge Program, where individuals suggest ways to use technology to make improvements to the city. With New York actively working to help the tech industry in the city develop, it’s become a welcoming place for tech businesses and tech talent to call home. If you’re looking to jump into this exciting tech mecca you’ll need to be innovative not just with the work you produce, but also with the way you work. Many tech businesses are now switching to an Agile methodology in order to improve their performance and create superior products.

The city has come a long way since it’s tech industry earned the name Silicon Alley. The nickname was a reference to the small area of the city that the tech industry used to occupy, however this area has expanded and now stretches into Harlem, Queens, and The Bronx. One of the unique things about the New York tech industry is that it’s blurred the lines between traditional businesses and tech companies. Many of the city’s oldest organizations are adopting methodologies—including DevOps—that used to be exclusively used in the tech industry. These traditional companies are seeing the benefits that DevOps processes can bring to a business and are training their teams to adopt the leaner and more productive processes used by DevOps teams.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology that provides a clear link between the development and operations teams. DevOps roles are becoming increasingly important in today’s software development environment. DevOps provides a vital connection between key IT teams, eliminating issues with silos and combining the teams to focus on one main goal. DevOps teams are more flexible and adaptable than traditional software development teams as DevOps promotes a continuous delivery method that creates a fast and effective approach to software development. To create a more flexible development system DevOps teams use continuous monitoring and automation throughout the development process which relies on shorter, more efficient development cycles. DevOps teams produce software with an increased deployment frequency, leading to improved quality and more reliable finished products.

Should you train your team in DevOps?

Using DevOps to manage your software development process will bring wide reaching benefits to your business. DevOps removes barriers that prevent your IT teams from working as one cohesive unit and creates strong connections between system operators, software developers, and all other IT employees within your organization. The result of this is a combined team which helps reduce waste, increase efficiency, and improve transparency.

Transitioning your team to a DevOps environment requires a knowledgeable DevOps leader and a team who is trained to fully embrace a DevOps system. New York has a growing community of talented tech workers, however filling DevOps roles can be incredibly difficult. This is because DevOps leaders require a unique set of skills that are not often found in tech employees. There is also an increasing demand for DevOps experienced engineers, making businesses compete to attract key talent. An effective alternative to searching for DevOps employees is to train your existing team. Investing in DevOps training isn’t just an investment in an individual, it’s also an investment in the long-term success of your business. Training your whole team is also a fantastic way to make the transition to a DevOps environment run smoothly, and ensures that your entire team understands why and when DevOps processes should be used. Giving your team this foundational knowledge helps your business experience the full benefits of DevOps methods.

DevOps classes in New York from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions offers a wide selection of DevOps classes in New York. We offer cutting edge training for both individual team members and whole teams, which helps IT departments fully adapt to DevOps methods. Our DevOps courses in New York focus on providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to remove barriers between IT teams by using DevOps theories and tools to create clear communication and remove silos.

We also offer a number of courses that train team members to use specific DevOps tools such as Git, Maven, Ansible, Jenkins, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Docker, and many other popular options. Courses can be accesses through video classes, online training, and traditional in person classes.

Some of our most popular DevOps courses in New York include:

  • DevOps Fundamentals

This course provides an introduction to the DevOps methodology and includes information on DevOps principles and concepts. Students will leave the course with hands on experience of important DevOps tools, and a thorough understanding of how DevOps can benefit a business.

  • DevOps For Leaders Training

The DevOps for leaders course is designed to help leaders adopt DevOps methodologies and understand the best ways to move their team to a DevOps environment. This course teaches leaders to create practical plans to bring DevOps to their organization by creating a 30, 60, and 90 day roadmap to drive the transition. The syllabus also covers the tools, processes, and people the business will need to successfully adapt to the new methodology. With exposure to real life examples and hands on experience, leaders will leave the course with the knowledge and confidence to employ DevOps in their business.

  • DevOps Bootcamp

DevOps Bootcamp is an intensive course that provides students with a thorough understanding of the methodology, values, and principles of DevOps. Each student will gain vital knowledge of the best ways to implement DevOps practices at each stage of software development. The course covers DevOps tools that help with version control, automation, quality control, continuous monitoring, collaboration practices, and configuration management.

  • DevOps For Architects

DevOps architects play an important role in facilitating the DevOps environment. This course enables students to design and implement the necessary framework within their business. Each student will leave understanding agile methodology, cloud and virtualization, build and release management, version control, automation and scripting, configuration management, and monitoring, measurement. DevOps tools like Git and and Ansible will be covered and students will learn how to use scripting to automate and improve reliability.

New York DevOps course listings

DevOps Methodology Training

DevOps Tool Training

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