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Why train in Cloud in New York?

Although California still holds the spotlight as the most well known tech mecca in the US, a recent report by Future Cities Catapult, Nesta, and Accenture has named New York as the top city in the world for innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. So how did America’s largest city beat out tech industry giants like San Francisco to claim the top spot? The report attributed New York’s success to the culture and environment the city has created to support the growth of the tech industry. In fact, New York has been incredibly successful in helping tech and innovation develop in the area, creating an additional 300,000 jobs in recent years.

New York’s leaders have developed creative ways to find innovative tech talent in the city with opportunities such as the Challenge Program, where people suggest tech solutions that can be used to solve issues in the city. This not only encourages local talent to develop but also helps connect the city’s residents to the tech industry in the area. The connection of tech to the city doesn’t stop with the residents, the tech industry is also influencing many of the traditional businesses that call New York home, inspiring them to adopt cloud computing services to help improve adaptability and efficiency.

Although the city isn’t home to the well known tech businesses such as Apple, Twitter or Facebook, it is an up and coming space that offers an exciting opportunity for individuals and businesses who want to push themselves to the forefront of their industry, and tech advances like cloud computing are a key step on the journey. The tech industry in New York is rapidly expanding its base in the city, with what was once known as Silicon Alley, due to its small footprint, now reaching out into Queens, the Bronx, and Harlem. With an ever-growing base of innovative and profitable tech businesses combined with the adoption of tech industry practices by more traditional businesses, tech training in New York is becoming an essential practice for organizations looking to innovate within their business.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses internet-based services to provide the IT solutions to businesses that were traditionally managed by onsite systems. Cloud services provide immediate access to the most advanced services, giving businesses an easy and cost-effective way to get the benefits of using cutting edge applications without needing to update in house systems. Cloud alternatives are being rapidly adopted by innovative companies who value the many benefits offered by cloud options, including the cost-savings associated with a significant reduction in on site IT maintenance needs and reduced investment in IT infrastructure. Cloud options allow businesses to manage a wide variety of everyday tasks online as all data can be stored, accessed, and managed via the internet. As cloud options use shared computer-processing resources they provide a powerful IT choice that can replace a business’ storage, server, application, and network services. Cloud solutions are instant and flexible, making them an accessible and adaptable option for a wide variety of organizations. They also make a great option for growing businesses that need a computing solution that is easily scaled and reliable. The possibilities of cloud computing are still growing, and with more and more organizations beginning to gain trust in cloud solutions the demand for highly trained cloud tech experts will continue to grow.

Should you train your team in Cloud?

With technology evolving each day sticking with traditional IT solutions, that are installed and maintained within your organization, could cause your business to miss out on opportunities to use the most up to date services and cost you money. To make sure you’re ready for the switch to cloud you’ll need an IT team that can handle the transition and mange the ongoing IT needs within your organization. When it comes to creating the right team you’ll need to choose between hiring new tech employees or investing in training for your current employees. Perhaps one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing between hiring and training will be the difficulty involved with finding an experienced cloud computing specialist to join your team. With cloud solutions growing in popularity many organizations are finding it difficult to find the right talent, especially when competing with other businesses that are looking to fill similar roles. Investing in your existing team is an easy and cost effective way to invest if the future of your business and make the transition to cloud services simple.

Choosing cloud services gives your business access to a scalable IT solution, which offers superior reliability and access to the latest services. Invest in your team to keep your business running on the cloud to keep your business moving forward.

Cloud classes in New York from Web Age Solutions

As one of the leading cloud IT training organizations in the US, we’ve developed a wide range of cloud classes that are designed to help enterprise level businesses keep their team up to date with all of the latest advances in technology. Web Age Solutions provides cloud training in New York in three formats: in person training sessions, online courses, and video classes.

Our courses provide students with an in depth knowledge of cloud computing and provide practical training on implementing cloud solutions into a business environment. Choose from subjects such as infrastructure solutions, solutions for architects, and cloud fundamentals. We also offer a selection of courses covering vendor specific cloud services including AWS, OpenStack, and Azure. If your team has specific training needs we can also personalize courses to provide tailored training to your team.

Web Age solutions cloud training options offer in-depth coverage of cloud topics and include courses designed to prepare students for certification tests. Browse through our courses below to find the right cloud training in New York, each class covers a unique curriculum to ensure your team can take your business to the cloud.

Some of our most popular Cloud Classes in New York include:

  • AWS for Solution Architects

An essential training course for any solutions architects planning to work with the AWS platform. Developers, enterprise architects, technical managers, and solution architects will all benefit from the in-depth curriculum, which covers everything from the lab environment cleanup to working with the AWS management console. With a combination of hands-on labs and instructor led classes this course provides practical guidance on managing cloud solutions within a business environment.

  • OpenStack Essentials Training

The OpenStack Essentials course is designed to give students a foundational knowledge of the OpenStack ecosystem, OpenStack business values, cloud computing, and OpenStack business values. Students will leave this 3-day training with knowledge of how to deploy and manage an OpenStack environment. Administrators, deployment engineers, and other IT team members using OpenStack will all benefit from this class.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The perfect course for IT team members using Microsoft Azure. The curriculum covers the fundamental knowledge IT teams need to create and use virtual machines, SQL databases, and web apps within an Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

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