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Why train in Architecture in New York?

New York isn’t just the city that never sleeps, it’s also the number one city for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship according to a study completed by Nesta, Future Cities Catapult, and Accenture. This ranking isn’t just down to New Yorks’ 24/7 attitude but due to a concerted effort by New York leaders to create an environment and culture that helps tech in the city develop and grow. The city’s support of tech entrepreneurs and startups in New York is shown in a number of ways, and the committed approach to the industry has helped create 300,000 new jobs in the last few years alone. New York doesn’t just support the tech industry, it has also created programs designed to help identify new tech talent such as the Challenge program that challenges New Yorkers to solve problems in the city through innovative ideas.

Whether you’re a business looking to grow or an individual pursuing a career in tech, New York provides the perfect place to call home. To get ahead in this competitive industry you’ll need to stay up to date with all of the advances in technology and developing methodologies. As one of the most innovative cities in the world New York businesses expect their employees to bring not just an innovative attitude, but also an understanding of the best architecture practices to help businesses achieve their goals. That’s why many businesses are training members of their IT teams to use the cutting edge architecture practices.

With many major tech businesses like Apple and Twitter calling California home it’s easy to think that New York is behind the times when it comes to tech, however it’s actually built a strong base of profitable tech businesses that are having a big impact on the city. The once small tech zone of Silican Alley has now expanded into Harlem, the Bronx, and Queens. One of the unique features of the New York tech industry is the influence its having on traditional businesses in the area, who are seeing the benefits that tech industry practices can bring to their organization. This dynamic is leading to businesses in traditional industries searching for employees who have the training and experience to optimize their businesses’ architecture.

What is Architecture?

A business’ architecture is the framework that’s created to support and guide all business activities. A clearly defined business architecture does more than provide a foundational base, it also provides the guidance to align business activities with business goals. A business architect plays a vital role in helping an organization achieve its goals. By looking at the business as a whole an architect can use their extensive knowledge to analyze, plan, design, and construct a organizational architecture that facilitates business activities that help move the business towards its long-term objectives. IT environments rely on an architecture system to help them support the organization and form part of a cohesive business environment. A solid architecture will provide cohesion between four main areas: infrastructure technology architecture, business architecture, information architecture, and application system architecture. Web Age Solutions teaches a variety of framework methodologies including Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Zachman, Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF), and TRAK.

Should you train your team in Architecture?

Training your team to build a solid and reliable architecture is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business. Creating a business architecture that aligns all areas of the organization is essential for the success of a business. Not only does it enable the business to run smoothly on a day to day basis, it also ensure that each step your business makes takes the organization closer to their goals. It’s the foundation your business relies on to put your business back on track when it needs it.

To be a successful business leader its essential to question the return on any investment, so paying for your team to undergo architecture training in New York may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if your organization’s current activity is aligned with its goals. However, having a knowledgeable architecture team will bring many benefits to an organization. One key area where architecture will play a vital role is helping your business adapt to change. Industries and markets are unpredictable; architects provide the key to guiding your business through challenging times. Outside influences can have a huge impact on your business and its ability to succeed, your architecture team is the ultimate resource for quickly identifying problems and defining ways to adapt to evolving markets. The architecture team is expert at creating strategic plans that create a defined roadmap towards targets and implementing any changes needed to follow these paths. In addition, architects, with their overarching knowledge of the organization, are perfectly positioned to identify areas of waste, reduce expenditure, and improve efficiency, allowing business spending to be focused in the right areas to help your business grow.

Architecture classes in New York from Web Age Solutions

At Web Age solutions we have over 20 years of experience providing IT training to enterprise level businesses. Our architecture courses in New York are designed to give students a thorough understanding of architecture methodologies and give them the knowledge and skill to define, implement, and manage the architecture within an organization. We provide a wide range of architecture courses to ensure that your team has the training they need to understand the use of methodologies in real life settings. Courses are available in three forms: via video classes, through online courses, or as traditional in person trainings.

Our selection of courses covers all areas of architecture including management solutions, architecture methodology, and other essential skills. Each course is targeted at students with specific skill levels and experience, so you can choose the most appropriate level and topic of training for your team.

The architecture courses in New York cover six key areas of architecture training, these are enterprise architecture, general architecture, Togaf® training, Sparx enterprise architect training, domain deep dives, and solution and software architect training. These courses are specifically designed to give students the knowledge needed to implement architecture solutions within an organization.

Some of our most popular Architecture Classes in New York include:

  • Fundamentals of Architecture Thinking Training

This popular course’s syllabus is suitable for all types of architects. Solutions architects, technical architects, and enterprise architects will all benefit from the combination of group discussions and lectures used to teach non-functional requirements, stakeholders, views and viewpoints, patterns, quality attributes, and techniques.

  • EA Getting Started

Targeted at executives, senior managers, and line managers this course introduces the basics of solutions architecture to key personnel. The course is focused on providing leaders with a big picture view of enterprise architecture and cover governance, frameworks, and various methods of approach. Students will leave understanding the steps needed to implement enterprise architecture into a business and the advantages it will bring to an organization.

  • Solution Architecture Practitioner’s Guide Training

This course covers key techniques in solutions architecture including tactics, techniques, styles, concepts, views, deliverables, requirements, and tools. Our practitioner’s guide is suitable for all team members with roles in solutions architecture. Teaching is split between group discussions and lessons to help students develop a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.

New York Architecture Course Listings

General Architecture Training

Enterprise Architecture Training

Togaf® Training

Solution And Software Architecture Training

Domain Deep Dives

Sparx Enterprise Architect Training

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As a leading IT training provider our architecture courses in New York provide students with a cutting edge education in all areas of architecture. We understand that architecture training in New York is about more than giving students knowledge of the concepts, that’s why our courses are designed to ensure student’s leave will the knowledge of how to implement their new found skills within an enterprise level environment. Our architecture courses are listed above or if you’d like to discuss personalized training options or architecture certification in New York courses please call our team today at (877) 517-6540.

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