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New York is home to a strong tech scene and was ranked the number one city in in the world for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. New York’s tech industry isn’t like those in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it’s a unique space where the tech industry is becoming one with existing businesses in the area. The New York City leaders have played a fundamental role in helping the city’s tech industry develop, and it’s efforts added 300,000 new jobs in 2015. The city continues to offer incentives to tech talent with schemes such as the Challenge Program that encourages tech entrepreneurs to develop new ways to solve problems in the city. As the tech industry in New York continues its expansion from Silicon Alley out into Harlem, Queens, and The Bronx the competition for highly trained tech stars will continue to grow! If you’re looking to build your team’s knowledge, or you’re an individual seeking to expand your skills, Web Age Solutions offers the IT courses in New York that you need to move forward.

New York City IT Classes From Web Age Solutions

Our cutting-edge IT classes in New York offer advanced training in key areas of technology such as Agile, Cloud, and Architecture. Over the past 20 years Web Age Solutions has developed training courses designed to keep enterprise level teams up-to-date with all of the advancements in technology. Our extensive experience has helped us create aggressive courses that are an effective solution for businesses wanting to train their teams in new project management and technology skills. We offer our New York IT courses in three ways; you can choose from online courses, video courses, and traditional in-person classroom courses. Many of our training solutions provide certification in key areas of IT and can be personalized to meet your business’ specific training needs.

IT Course Listings:

IT classes in New York offered by Web Age Solutions cover the following areas:


The Agile methodology is more than just a way to manage projects; it’s a series of principles that will guide your team to be more effective and productive throughout the development process. While Agile methods can improve your team’s performance, they can also be instrumental in improving the quality of the software produced by your team. Agile teams operate in short sprints that produce iterative steps towards the end goal. This step-by-step approach allows a much more robust feedback loop, and a focus on individual product features that creates a higher quality and more user focused finished product. The benefits of training your team in Agile methods will quickly offset the cost of the training courses. Select from classes designed for individual team members or options suitable for whole teams to get started.


Your business’ architecture plays a key role in enabling your organization to meet its goals by ensuring that the business structure aligns with its strategy. Your business architecture supports your business and team and is vital for the long-term success of your organization. Ensuring that your architecture is cohesive across the entire business is essential if you want to create an IT environment that helps your team function at maximum efficiency and reach their goals. Your business needs a clear framework that covers business architecture, information architecture, application system architecture, and infrastructure technology architecture. Our courses are designed to teach students the skills and knowledge needed to create a framework that brings these areas together. We offer classes in the following methods: Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Zachman, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF), and TRAK.


Many businesses have yet to develop the infrastructure and systems needed to manage the huge amount of data produced by their business each day. Their current systems fail to handle Big Data by being unable to cope with the volume, variety, and velocity of data entering the system. In addition to infrastructure issues, their teams are also not trained to collect, manage, or analyze Big Data effectively. As data is arguably the most valuable asset a business owns, paying to manage the data that is not being utilized and missing the opportunity to gain insights from the information are pain points for many organizations. Our courses train your team members to effectively collect, handle, and analyze all of the Big Data generated by your business.  Big data, when analyzed correctly, will empower your team to make data backed decisions. It gives insights into consumer behavior, production issues, business spending, and business efficiency, allowing you to better target consumers, improve your company’s productivity, and lower costs. We’ve created a range of courses designed to ensure your team can collect and utilize Big Data, including Data Science training and Hadoop Programming.


Cloud solutions offer a simple and affordable way for businesses to reduce their investment in on-site IT systems. Many businesses have already switched to cloud services, which have the added benefit of providing the latest technology, to manage their databases and servers. The many benefits offered by cloud technology are driving a huge growth in the need for cloud savvy tech talent that’s highly trained in cloud architecture. We provide a range of cloud courses that train students in advanced cloud options including AWS, Azure, and OpenStack.


A DevOps managerial role can be an incredibly difficult position for a business to fill. DevOps managers are unique in the tech industry as they have developed skills that enable them to effectively bridge the gap between the operations team and the development team. This unique combination of skills is currently not found in many job applicants, as individuals lack the training and experience to fill DevOps roles successfully. A good DevOps leader will turn your IT teams, including operations, software development, and other IT talent, into a cohesive unit that functions more efficiently. DevOps leaders are able to drive productivity by reducing the barriers that are traditionally found between IT teams. We’ve created a series of courses that are focused on providing DevOps teams with the skills needed to optimize the business’ software development process. Teams will learn to operate a lean and flexible system that can easily adapt to changes.  Investing in DevOps training will not just improve the efficiency of the team, it will also improve product quality and reduce production time. Our courses focus on giving your team the skills needed to fully adapt to a DevOps environment, with many courses tailored to specific roles such as engineers and team leaders. We offer training in both DeveOps management tools and process training.


Web Age Solutions Angular training introduces the Angular framework, which has become a popular JavaScript framework for the development of “single page” Rich Internet Applications. The Angular framework augments applications with the “model-view-controller” pattern which makes applications easier to develop and test because there is a separation of responsibilities within the code. When first released, the next generation of the ‘AngularJS’ framework was called ‘Angular 2’. Since new releases will make this term outdated, the current terminology for the framework is simply ‘Angular’. We will update our Angular training to incorporate any major revisions to the Angular framework.

  • New York City JavaScript courses and certifications

JavaScript is a powerful coding language that is a required skill for anyone working on interactive websites, app development, or game creation. JavaScript is the coding powerhouse behind the interactive functionality found in many websites and apps, and provides the ability to make key features function correctly. Businesses need web developers who are highly skilled in JavaScript and up-to-date with framework developments. If you’re an individual looking to grow your web development career, or have a team you’d like to invest in, our range of training options cover many of the leading JavaScript frameworks to keep developers in tune with evolving technologies. We offer courses in AngularJS, Node.js, and ReactJS.


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