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MuleSoft The Next Big (Data Integration) Thing

Presenter: Tim Hanline
Recorded on: January 4, 2019


Salesforce recently bought MuleSoft – the company – for $6.5 billion. Yes, that’s billion. Let us show you why. MuleSoft is data integration done right for less. Writing point-to-point data integrations from scratch is costly and puts an unnecessary strain on your resources. Companies are turning to transform their themselves into more efficient and innovative organizations. Using API-led connectivity, MuleSoft’s customers are rapidly innovating and reducing their data integration costs – not just in money but in time as well. The cost of not using MuleSoft is getting higher and higher as more companies realize the power of API management. Don’t get caught playing catch-up later. Let us show what your company can achieve with MuleSoft, the next big (data integration) thing, now!

• Why point-to-point data integrations (and ESBs) are bad for your business
• API-led connectivity is API reusability and why it is data integration done right
• What you need to build an Application Network to rapidly innovate and transform your business
• MuleSoft: an overview of the company, it’s history, and it’s trajectory
• Training: avoid money-consuming pitfalls and maximize your return on investment.


US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887