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It’s About Planning

Sure, you upgrade Sharepoint, or WebSphere, WebLogic Server or Oracle, or any major application because support is ending and more functionality is going to be available in the new version.  Invariably, the process involves:

  1. Evaluation of the new release
  2. Planning the upgrade, often including the development of an upgrade business case
  3. Targeting architectural improvement and business functional improvement
  4. Technical upgrade and iteration management
  5. Functional Testing and managing the test cycles
  6. Training
  7. Cut over to production

We work closely with our clients to leverage client resources throughout the cycle of evaluation and development and lead with the goal of enabling clients.  Our approach in the early phase of investigation is generally to investigate your installation:

  • Establishing the scope, expected time frame and phases of the project
  • Determine technical and functional modifications required and we consolidate these by logical business area to help impacted business and technical stakeholders to visualize change impacts
  • Revise the architecture vision and determine if business goal alignment can be improved through adjustments to architecture
  • Identifying the gaps and additional business functionality desired to determine scope of functional change
  • Determine reporting and requirements in business facing applications
  • Establish interface requirements/changes
  • Training plan
  • Defined list of roles/skills required/activities to be performed with estimate of days required to complete each phase of the project

With a more comprehensive plan in place, clients are able to select the level of support needed in implementation :

  • Strategy Coaching – We will work along-side your team to design the essential frameworks for adoption success
  • Key Governance Resources – Key people in place to oversee mission critical components of the upgrade
  • Governance Management – We will work along-side your team to develop a governance framework and monitor goal achievement, skill management, quality review, governance recommendations and tailored governance model, implementation roadmap, process documentation.  You provide the technical resources.
  • Turn-key Capability – Everything, including satisfaction.
US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887