Fanatic pursuit of customer satisfaction is our #1 objective in every engagement. Consequently, we build our business largely through referrals and further development of existing client relationships.

At a corporate level, we have a long list of references and success stories across our 10+ years of operation. Furthmore, our subject matter experts have raving fans that repeatedly ask for them by name at future engagements.

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With support from a Charitable Organization, a multinational group of University libraries is developing the design for a new infrastructure, an alternative to the current model of an Integrated Library System. The goal is to produce an open library system that is designed by and for the library community. This project consists of two primary phases. Phase 1 involves scoping, process modeling, and detailed requirements gathering. Phase 2 involves analysis, design, and implementation of the open software stack.

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A massive U.S. state pension fund oversees the third largest pension plan in the entire world. Having previously hired an outside consulting/integration firm managing all of the technology specific requirements for a company wide SOA implementation, there was a need to bring in an advocate on behalf of the business. The “business side” (IT Managers, Directors, CEO’s, etc) of the company was unsure of how their world would change after adopting SOA and needed education and mentoring to guide them through the adoption process.

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Insurance Industry Client is using Web Age to define the methodology and best practices required to effectively utilize the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as to integrate their purchased SOA infrastructure tooling into their broader production environment.

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A High Tech Industry client (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) is the leading imaging and printing systems provider in the world for printer hardware, printing supplies and scanning devices, providing solutions across customer segments from individual consumers to small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

Cloud Computing and the establishment of a formal approach to the design, development, and governance of architecture represent two significant goals for this group. Within the broader enterprise, a major push toward the Cloud is underway and the discipline of information systems architecture is another area of increasing focus.

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