At Web Age Solutions we combine real-world SOA and Web Services experience with extensive research in the area of service-oriented systems of systems. This is done primarily so that we can produce training courses that can be judged to be the very best in the world.

Now, we are offering our considerable expertise in the form of consultative mentoring. We have created the following mentoring packages to make it easy for customers to pick the right offering for their needs.

SOA Discovery Package

This service package is designed for the organizations that are at a very early stage of SOA adoption or just considering it. We can help you truly understand the value of SOA so that you can create a vision for it. We will help you choose a software platform for SOA. We can help you lay down an initial architecture.
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SOA Design Package

If you have already committed to SOA and proceeding to lay down architecture guidelines, our experts can provide crucial input to the process. How should data exchange take place? How will transactions be managed? How to add asynchronous communication? How to apply all the security best practices? These are some of the questions we can help you answer.
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