Our mentors bring years of expertise and practical experience combined with top-notch communication skills.

Each solution can be tailored to the needs of your organization. We offer mentoring ranging from brief assessment and strategic guidance engagements all the way to comprehensive development and support engagements where our mentors are active members of the project team and produce deliverables and validate designs.

Throughout all of our engagements, we prioritize knowledge transfer, providing expert coaching and subject matter expertise to your team.


Web Age Solutions offers mentoring expertise and project consulting packages in multiple domains.

  • Service Oriented Achitecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Web 2.0 and Web Oriented Architecture (WOA)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Computing


In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have several mentoring packages to choose from. Our mentors bring years of expertise and practical experience in the areas of SOABPMEAWeb 2.0 / WOAMDMSaaS, and even Cloud.

  • Discovery Coaching – We will conduct an in-depth analysis regarding the feasibility of adopting the technology, methodology, or enterprise initiative in question.
    Key deliverables: adoption impact analysis, formal recommendation, adoption roadmap
  • Strategy Coaching – We will work along-side your team to design the essential frameworks for adoption success.
    Key deliverables: reference architecture, organizational process model, tailored lexicon, maturity model, training plan and job role analysis
  • Governance Kick-Start – Classroom training followed by facilitated brainstorming and collaboration.
    Key deliverables: Training materials, brainstorming mindmap, governance recommendations
  • Governance In-A-Box – We will work along-side your team to develop a governance framework.
    Key deliverables: Training materials, brainstorming mindmap, governance recommendations, tailored governance model, implementation roadmap, process documentation


For a more extended engagement with one or more of our senior mentors, we provide on-going project mentoring. In these engagements our mentors are active members of the project team that produce deliverables, validate designs, and coach team members at the same time.

  • Evaluation, Adoption, and Planning – We will conduct an in-depth analysis regarding the feasibility of adopting the technology, methodology, or enterprise initiative in question. In concert with your team, we will conduct discovery workshops, planning sessions, and conduct framework design and development depending upon the scope of the engagement.
  • Architecture Framework and Process Assessment and Implementation – In collaboration with your leadership team, our subject matter experts will craft a comprehensive architecture development and governance approach or validate and refine an existing one that you may already utilize. Along the way, attention will be given to capturing ‘quick wins’, streamlining the process, folding in best practices, and ensuring a tight alignment with business drivers. The end result is a productive, value-added approach that provides flexibility and business results through high quality architecture deliverables.
  • Governance Strategy and Framework Development – Our mentors will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business objectives and ensure the proper alignment between these goals and the governance of your architecture, solution design, and overall governance processes. Maturity modeling, roadmapping, and workflow modeling will all be used in order to produce actionable deliverables to enable your team to effectively govern the enterprise initiative in question.
  • ESB Design and Development – We will work with your team to design and implement your Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) backbone. This ESB consulting is provided by expert mentors that are familiar with your vendor’s product, industry standards, and the state of the art regarding ESB best practices.
  • Service Design and Development – We will work along-side your team to design and develop services in support of a project, business unit, or even the entire enterprise. Our service design consulting will ensure all of the services incorporate proven best practices regarding service design, development, and governance. These services can be designed in support of SOA, MDM, BPM, SaaS, or even Cloud.
  • Process Modeling and Automation – Our mentors will guide your team in the process of capturing requirements, modeling business processes, optimizing those processes, and then putting them into practice. Process automation and service orientation activities may also be included in these efforts. Process modeling consulting provides a critical risk mitigation factor for any BPM or SOA initiative.
  • Master Data Strategy and Data Modeling – Fragmented, duplicated, conflicting, and corrupted data is a serious problem within many enterprises. Our mentors will work along-side your team to analyze, design, and potentially develop (depending upon scope of engagement) a master data strategy and master data model. Industry best practices, business objectives, and overall data stewardship strategy will all be carefully evaluated and properly incorporated into the design and data model.