• ESB Design and Development – Over the course of one year, we worked with a mid-sized insurance company to design and implement an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) backbone. Our ESB consulting is provided by expert mentors that were able to bring hands-on experience, industry standards, and the state of the art ESB best practices to the table.
  • Service Design and Development – We worked for 3 months with a financial client to design and develop services in support of a system modernization effort. Our service design consulting ensures all of the services incorporate proven best practices regarding service design, development, and governance. These services were designed in support of SOA but other service design engagements we have been engaged in have supported MDM, BPM, or even Cloud.
  • Process Modeling and Automation – Our mentors led a group of 30+ stakeholders over a 9 month project to guide the team in the process of capturing requirements, modeling business processes, optimizing those processes, and then putting them into practice. Process automation and service orientation activities were not in scope for this particular engagement, but are common in these types of engagements. Process modeling consulting provides a critical risk mitigation factor for any BPM or SOA initiative.
  • Master Data Strategy and Data Modeling – Fragmented, duplicated, conflicting, and corrupted data is a serious problem within many enterprises. As a part of a focused multi-week engagement, our mentors worked with a North American grocery chain to analyze, design, and develop a master data strategy and master data model. Our MDM mentoring utizes industry best practices, business objectives, and overall data stewardship strategy to properly incorporate a best of breed approach into the design and master data model.