Pension Fund (hereafter: Company) oversees the third largest pension plan in the entire.  Company had an outside consulting/integration firm managing all of the technology specific requirements for a company wide SOA implementation. The “business side” (IT Managers, Directors, CEO’s, etc) of Company was unsure of how their world would change after adopting SOA and needed education and mentoring to guide them through the adoption process.


There was a need for the Company business community to understand the technical implementation of their SOA in order for them to interact with the integration team. There was limited knowledge on how SOA would affect their business and in order for the technical implementation to be a success the business leaders needed a better understanding of SOA. At the onset, conversations between the technical and business side were strained as the communication gap was significant.  The consulting/integration firm was not equipped to bridge this gap.


Web Age Solutions created a custom developed training program that focused on SOA best practices, terminology, governance and methodology. Through numerous calls and meetings with Company we crafted the curriculum based on their specific requirements. The end result was a training program that included a mixture of instructor demo, lecture and group discussion/workshops.  These workshops were delivered to architects and developers, managers, project managers, business analysts, directors, and the entire executive team.  Additionally, project-focused mentoring sessions were used to solve specific challenges that the team was facing around SOA governance, managing SOA projects, and the effective transition of team roles into a service oriented environment.


The end result was a fast track to SOA concepts, methodologies and best practices which significantly reduced the knowledge gap of the business community at Company and avoided looming risks associated with the technical implementation of their SOA solution.