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Mobile Offering

Angry BirdsFruit Ninja, and Words with Friends have come to symbolize the mobile revolution.  But even if you aren’t launching poultry at wooden swine dwellings or making a fruit salad with the swipe of a finger, your organization is keenly aware of the gravity and inertia that mobile computing has had on the industry.  Thanks to our unique blend of mobile ninja skills and technology savvy, we can help you deliver Web services to mobile devices, integrate your mobile workforce into your supply chain, or produce a customized ‘app for that’ for your business on the iPhone and/or Android platforms.

Here’s how we operate in the mobile space…

Start FIRST with the right architecture standards and patterns

Are you going to support an iOS deployment, Android platform, or are you trying to go cross platform development with HTML5?  Are you  using cache management to support offline mobile use cases or are you continuously synchronizing data with the network?  Will data services be pull or push?  There are dozens of decisions that impact your mobile architecture not to mention the development environment, programing languages, mobile security standards and testing approach.

  • Assessment and Guidance – Your team wants to ‘get going’, but first let’s look at the best practices and standards so you don’t end up in a do-over.  Our expert mentors evaluate your plans,  assembling a roadmap that gets you there, and setting of architecture standards and guidelines that are practical – you want to manage sources of value and areas of risk, not lots of paper.
  • Analysis and Design – In collaboration with your team, our subject matter experts will help you set the patterns and anti-patterns for development, help you get the reference models in place for development and determine the technology mix.  The goal here is to improve design quality, reduce the risk of designing with new tools / technologies / methodologies, and reduce project risk due to more efficient design strategy


Now do something cool with the tools

So you want to get the business excited and show some bling?  You need to create a mobile brand and experience that creates stickiness for users, but, sometimes the first applications in a mobile strategy are relatively simple mobile extensions of enterprise apps.

  • Development Support – Working along-side your team, our expert mentors will demonstrate our unique brand of consulting.  We produce meaningful design artifacts and working code while at the same time coaching your team on how to incorporate our techniques, artifacts, tips and tricks into your own development life cycle. We might deliver documents, training materials, templates, and/or software artifacts depending on the situation.
  • Rapid Prototyping – Rapid prototyping creates a showcase for the business and allows your organization to test its design patterns.  Often there is pent-up demand to get access to enterprise systems on mobile devices and this make an excellent pilot where you can showcase rapid delivery capability.  The effort for this sort of project depends on the kind of application the client wants to expose or build for mobile devices.  Applications could be built natively for Android and iOS, or using HTML 5 and Javascript they could be built and deployed to multiple platforms to demonstrate a more neutral deployment philosophy.
  • Mobile Computing Training – We offer a wide range of mobile enterprise computing courses for developers and architects to support skills transfer.  This helps you to achieve tangible goals, generate success, and kick us out quickly.

In the analogy of feeding for a day or teaching how to fish, in the mobile world we:
– Know how to build great fishing poles
– Know where to fish and have the stories of great fish we’ve helped people catch
– Know the difference between fish and fowl
– Know there is more than one way to skin a fish
– And we call tell when a mobile strategy smells a little fishy

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887