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Insurance Industry Client (hereafter referred to as Client) is using Web Age to define the methodology and best practices required to effectively utilize the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as well as to integrate their purchased SOA infrastructural software’s into their environment.


Client came to us with a need to mentor, facilitate, and provide strategic advice and validation of their current and future direction with SOA while leveraging the purchased SOA infrastructural software stack.


Web Age has been involved in all facets of Client’s SOA initiative. This includes governance, providing impromptu training seminars on various SOA topics, promoting a SOA center of excellence and traditional hands on application development and administration.
Some specific areas we have been involved with:

  • Mentoring sessions and strategies for proper Governance
  • Comparing/contrasting the IBM Governance Enablement Profile (GEP) lifecycles to the SOA lifecycle depicted in the Client Roadmap and determining how these lifecycles fit into the Client Project Life Cycle
  • Review of IBM’s WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) 6.3 capabilities and lifecycles for its most effective utilization in the Client SOA environment


Quick ramp-up of Client personnel saved money and time while increasing employee satisfaction since best practices were promoted from day one of Web Age’s involvement. The benefits of adopting SOA were clarified for many executives through presentations and discussion and this improved The Client’s ability to make informed decisions on how they want to progress their SOA efforts. The SOA software stack was able to be used in the most effective way possible thus maximizing the ROI from this investment.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887